138 – The Truth About Unicorns, Bottle Collections, and Spirit Awards with Bourbon Truth

He might be the angriest man in bourbon and ruffles a lot of feathers along the way, but he’s been enjoying the spirit longer than most of us. Bourbon Truth, or known as Lloyd Christmas on twitter, is well known for his jabs at the industry. In this episode, we talk about his disdain for shelf trophies, if the current market is overinflated, his opinion on how spirit awards are rigged, and even touch on apple brandy. He’s back with another no non-sense episode about the harsh reality we often overlook.

Show Notes:

  • Also appeared on Episode 094
  • How has bourbon changed since we last talked?
  • How dumb are people getting that they are buying partial bottles?
  • What are your thoughts on WhistlePig and their pricing strategy?
  • What bottles are collectibles for you?
  • You said that you hate people that buy bottles as investments but it actually worked out for you.
  • Do you think you sold your collection too early?
  • Are prices just at the top ?
  • Are unicorns going to go up?
  • What are some of those bottles you would sell already open?
  • You mentioned KY Owl and it’s pricing, do you see that as a long term investment for that particular brand after their Stoli funding?
  • Why do you think people feel the need to sell half-open bottles?
  • You had a funny tweet that said “Reviewers have so many different ways of saying ‘the booze sucks'”
  • The Whiskey Advocate changed their whiskey review system with their original score and panel score so it’s flawed.
  • Are those spirit awards just BS now? Because the most favorited spirits don’t enter anymore
  • Is the problem that they are sending single barrels or limited expressions most people won’t have access to?
  • What do you see as the movement of craft? Are bad ones ruining the reputation for the majority of them?
  • Are you jumping on the rum train too?
  • We haven’t heard people talk about brandy much
  • How bad has Van Winkle quality gone down in recent years?
  • Allocations are becoming very scandalous



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