137 – The Most Famous Name in Rickhouses, Donald Blincoe of Buzick Construction

The Rickhouse. A place where bourbon allows father time and mother nature to do its magic. Have you ever wondered who is behind all these rickhouses? Donald Blincoe, President of Buzick Construction, is carrying on his family’s legacy of being the top name in bourbon business for rickhouses. Their patented ricking system is easily identified when entering a rackhouse and Donald talks about their history and process when constructing. Donald also talks a bit about the superiority of a rickhouse versus stacking barrels on pallets.
Show Notes:
  • First let’s give an overview of the company and then we will dive into the history.
  • So do yo know about the history of storing barrels before the idea of rick houses?
  • There’s all different kinds of ways to store barrels. But you all are pretty much renowned for it. Talk about how that came to be.
  • Why wood?
  • Talk about the design of the rick itself
  • Why is your design better than pallet? More economical? Does it make it easier to move barrels in and out?
  • Is a rackhouse made to survive acts of nature?
  • What sort of maintenance is involved?
  • You also have a patented process, right?
  • Give us the basic idea of why a rick house is constructed the way it is
  • What man power is involved? I hear you all have a machine that is beginning to automate a bit?
  • How long to get one stood up?
  • What’s the sustained weight?
  • Why is there hardly ever electricity ran to these?
  • Do people ask for other amenities like running water?
  • How has the engineering of the construction changed over the years or are they just getting bigger?

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