457 – The Epic Hunt for Dusty Booze with Aaron Goldfarb

You hear us talk about dusty bourbon on the show too often. We keep beating that dead horse because it’s a chance to drink history and have a completely different whiskey than what’s in the bottle today. Vintage spirits are on the rise and have gone from an underground enthusiast crowd into the mainstream. Aaron Goldfarb is a distinguished author and he joins the show to talk about his new book titled Dusty Booze. This books has a storyline with finding a dusty goldmine but goes into the story of decanters, minis, and the hunt for rare bottles. It’s now available on Amazon and lots of different outlets.

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about bourbon with malted barely with the highest secondary grain.
  • What made you want to write a book on vintage whiskey?
  • What were some of those iconic decanters that were made?
  • What was the story you saw form out of the glut era?
  • Did you ever talk to store owners and ask why they would sit on inventory for this long?
  • Why did decanters become so popular or unpopular?
  • What makes a dusty spirit different from today’s current releases?
  • Did anyone come up with a better term other than dusty funk?
  • Why was there a bigger market for minis back in the day?
  • Talk about the storyline and how Kevin came across this goldmine and any legal implications.
  • How many bar owners did you talk to about running a business on vintage spirits?
  • What do you think has to be considered vintage?
  • Was there any information in the book that teaches you how to date code vintage whiskey?
  • Is there a chance that any store is left with any dusty bottles?
  • Do you need dusty cocktail ingredients?
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