139 – Overaged Bourbon, PLCB Controversy, Reboot of Old Fitz, and the New Norm of $100 NDPs on Bourbon Community Roundtable #18

We have a loaded show today with some hot topics hitting the boards. This episode touches on recent releases of NEAT, the less than stellar James Thompson & Brother incredibly overaged bourbon made its way out, we discuss the practices by Pennsylvania liquor control board setting lottery prices at secondary prices, thoughts on the new Old Fitzgerald release, we wonder if NDPs sourced from MGP being $100 is the new norm, and Kenny gets snobby a bit.

Show Notes:

  • What are your initial thoughts on the new release of NEAT at thebourbonfilm.com?
  • We’ve got our own bourbon film come out. You will love the cheesy graphics. It’s fun to watch.
  • There was release for James Thompson & Brother Final Reserve 45 year old bourbon here in Louisville. 250 total bottles. only 150 to the public. It was $1800 + tax. People camped out in the rain. First few sold and then the reviews came out. It’s terrible. What’s the likely future outcome for pricing of this bourbon? and the subsequent 43 and 41 year old releases?
  • The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board admitting that it’s pricing Booker’s Rye with secondary in their online lottery. This is state run. Is this legal? What’s to make of this?
  • Heaven Hill is releasing their Old Fitzgerald BIB Decanter at $100. Will you be buying it? What will happen to the bottom shelf Old Fitz?
  • Are $100 NDP MGPs the new norm? We used to scuff at this like 2 years ago saying you wouldn’t pay these prices for something you knew was made in Indiana. Now with things like Mic.Drop. people are doing it. And keep in perspective that GTS is only $89.
  • Is it a problem with hype?
  • What’s the next SAOS
  • MGP be the new stitzel weller…all these up and coming distilleries are going to switch to their own distillate and their mgp bottlings will become more valuable
  • Is it worth buying bottles over $50 now?
  • What’s up with all the Wathen’s Barrel Proof recently? When did this become a sought after item? Because it’s barrel proof? a single barrel pick? Wathen’s has been around forever but just now became something that continually shows up on my feed.
  • How about an additional topic: Blake hates Single barrel bourbons…thoughts?

2 thoughts on “139 – Overaged Bourbon, PLCB Controversy, Reboot of Old Fitz, and the New Norm of $100 NDPs on Bourbon Community Roundtable #18

  1. Let the crazy people overpay for the sourced limited editions. After trying many bourbons and ryes, I have learned what I like to sip and what to use in cocktails. I’m not telling!

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