174 – Expert Talk On Four Roses Private Barrels and Recipes with Brett Atlas and Travis Hill

I don’t know a bourbon enthusiast that doesn’t love Four Roses. But this one goes into the depths of expert level opinions behind mash bills, hype behind certain runs, single barrels, mutated yeast, and more. Brett Atlas and Travis Hill join the show to talk about their experiences with Four Roses, their 10 recipes, and how they blend and create their own Limited Edition Small Batches.

Show Notes:
  • Farewall to Dave Pickerell. Enjoy our podcast with him https://bourbonpursuit.com/2018/03/29/man-behind-100-distilleries-dave-pickerell/
  • The Lounge with Will Chambers – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-lounge-with-will-chambers/id1440284845
  • This week’s Above The Char with Fred Minnick reflects on the past of Dave Pickerell.
  • Was it cask strength that got you hooked into Four Roses or was it a standard offering?
  • Give a break down of how to decipher the recipe for something like OBSQ vs OESF
  • Do you think the tasting notes on the back of the hang tag is inaccurate?
  • How often have you tried all recipes side by side?
  • Do you have a favorite 4R recipe and why?
  • Have you ever had a bad barrel?
  • Does the hype factor just play into a particular recipe?
  • How come everyone thinks OESK is the best?
  • What do you see as the typical recipe selections at a private barrel pick?
  • Have you ever walked out and never picked a barrel?
  • What do you think is a misconception of larger stores and their selections?
  • Do you think picks done by Brent Elliott are better or worse than ones done by a store?
  • Some words for Brent
  • How do you go about trying all 10 recipes?
  • Talk about trying to create your own Limited Edition Small Batches
  • Why do you think Four Roses doesn’t put out barrel proof Small Batch?
  • The ages of barrel picks have been exponentially decreasing. Can they still keep this pace?
  • Would you lose your mind over a Four Roses pick?
  • Do you think the tags on the bottle showing the rack and details of the barrel are for the distillery to trace back anything for quality purposes or is it for the bourbon geeks?
  • Are higher aged Four Roses that are 17 or 23 years old any good?
  • Can you talk about the mutated yeast that contributed to the 125th anniversary bottle in 2013?
  • Has the ME warehouse fad passed?

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