173 – Angel’s Envy at the Legends Series

This Legend Series brings podcast guests, Wes and Kyle Henderson, back on the show with the newest face of the clan joining the family ranks, Andrew. The focus on family touches on the impact Lincoln Henderson made on Angel’s Envy before his passing and what the generations after him remember the most. Fred also tries to squeeze out some juicy details behind sourcing, acquisitions, and favorite bourbons outside of their own.

Show Notes:

  • Are you paying more for barrel proof whiskey? Wade Woodard breaks down the math https://tater-talk.com/2018/10/29/value-proposition-of-higher-proof-us-whiskies/
  • KY Derby Museum Legend Series are on sale. First one begins in Jan buy your tickets at derbymuseum.org/legendsseries
  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick discusses bourbon at large retail chains and it’s impact on local business
  • What’s the story about a pickle?
  • Talk about your dad, Lincoln Henderson, for a moment
  • Was bourbon a part of your childhood?
  • What was some nasty stuff you used to drink?
  • Andrew, talk about your science experiments
  • Is Kyle a good teacher?
  • What are the moments you miss Lincoln the most?
  • During the initial launch, talk about the process of choosing port barrels.
  • It’s a never ending discussion, is this bourbon?
  • Would you like to see a special designation for barrel finishes?
  • Take us through the process of putting it through the port barrel finish
  • Is the barrel dry or wet?
  • Where can we purchase the bourbon you use before port finishing?
  • Wes, what’s your official title now?
  • Let’s try the rye whiskey finished in rum barrels
  • Is rye more flexible to blend?
  • When Bacardi acquired you, when did they come in as a minority investor?
  • What was that time like when you needed capital and needed to raise funds?
  • What’s your favorite bourbons outside of Angel’s Envy?
  • Lets talk about the Cask Strength Limited Release
  • What is your future on an individual basis?
  • Where is your warehouse growth needs?
  • Talk about the design of the bottle.
  • Past Angel’s Envy Podcasts

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