175 – Turkey Family Tradition with Jimmy Russell, Eddie Russell, Bruce Russell, and JoAnn Street of Wild Turkey

Just the thing you needed to kick start your Thanksgiving season. We’ve had Jimmy and Eddie on the show and we’ve got upcoming episodes featuring Bruce and Joann, but I don’t think anyone has ever had all 4 of these people sit down at one time and talk. We go into bourbon itself, the family, the roles they are playing within the business, the new Kentucky Spirit glass design, and lots more. It’s a family affair with some exchanges of compliments from each around the table.
Show Notes:
  • Our first barrel pick for 2019 is going to be Buffalo Trace. View all of our barrel picks at https://www.patreon.com/bourbonpursuit
  • Fred published his article in Forbes for the 2018 best American Whiskey every day sipper.
  • Fred does Instagram Live for Best of 2018
  • Fred talks about his holiday gift guide on Forbes and why it was really hard to coming up new pairings in this week’s Above the Char – https://www.forbes.com/sites/fredminnick/2018/11/13/holiday-gift-guide-2018-the-most-money-minded-bourbons/
  • Bruce, they are really pressuring you to move back soon
  • Bruce, remember that panel we were on together?
  • Are you excited to have Bruce back Eddie?
  • Jimmy, how old were you when you started at the distillery?
  • What has changed from the operations standpoint from when you first started?
  • Have you all done recently to certify your warehouses or check them out after the Barton incident?
  • Jimmy when you were coming up the ranks, federal government would check everything. Not so much anymore
  • Do you think the distilling industry misses the oversight of the government?
  • What does “Master Distiller” mean to you, Eddie?
  • What about the flip side that a “Master Distiller” is just a marketer now?
  • You did have to change the entry proof at one time. Was that corporate pressure?
  • Why does some proof go down vs go up in some warehouses?
  • When people come in for a visit, do they want that level of detail?
  • Do you read your Yelp reviews?
  • Is the bartending community the gate to your future?
  • What’s the worst part about signing bottles?
  • Where do you see barrel finishes in the Wild Turkey line since the last Master’s Keep was finished?
  • It seems like a lot of flavored whiskeys have died down over time
  • Why are we still not experimenting with different mashes?
  • Bruce, you’re trying to revive the rye. talk about that.
  • Are you a scotch person?
  • Jimmy, what have you learned by the younger generations?
  • From RareBird101, what’s your honest opinion on the new Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit bottle?
  • So why isn’t the top level listening to you?
  • Choose an individual and take one word that embodies the person
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