164 – Blending Barrel Proof with Joe Beatrice and Tripp Stimson of Barrell Bourbon

Why there is an extra L in Barrell Bourbon? Well, today we find out. Joe Beatrice and Tripp Stimson join us to talk about all things Barrell and how this brand is really one for the bourbon geeks with unfiltered barrel proof expressions. We then dive into the newest releases of the Infinite Barrel Project and talk about their plans for sourcing, distilling and blending as they have made Louisville KY their headquarters.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about sexism with Master Distillers.
  • Do you remember you first bottle of bourbon or first memory with it?
  • Talk about the history of Barrell. Why did you want to start it?
  • What is it about barrel proof that consumers like over 90 or 100 proof?
  • Would you rather blend than distill?
  • What’s the size of a Barrell batch?
  • Which do you think is harder because we’ve had both master distillers and master blenders on the show?
  • How does scale play into this bringing in more barrels?
  • What’s the release schedule and idea about numbering the batches?
  • Why is there an extra L?
  • Give us a run down of the line up products you offer
  • Why rum?
  • New year edition. Let’s talk about what this is all about.
  • The Infinite Barrel Project is super unique.
  • Why keep doing new ideas and not sticking with the staples?
  • Tripp are there any ideas that Joe comes up with and you’re like “this is never going to work”?
  • What’s a rejected idea?
  • Are you able to continually able to source good whiskey and are you able to turn it away?
  • Talk about the operation now. Are are you contract distilling? straight sourcing? bottling?
  • So are you itching to start distilling?
  • Why distill when you haven’t had a problem getting barrels before?
  • Would you take your own distillate and mix from sourced goods?
  • Why build a distillery that’s a pure factory that doesn’t look at making it a tourist destination?
  • Why Louisville? You can build a distillery anywhere.
  • What about storage? I know you’re at Castle and Key right now but where can you go?
  • Do you think you started a revolution of brands following suit?

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