165 – It’s Turkey Time with David Jennings of RareBird101

Is he the biggest Wild Turkey super fan out there? Without a doubt. David Jennings goes by the alter ego RareBird101. In this episode we explore his obsession with older dusty Wild Turkey and even some of the newest Russell’s Reserve offerings. We also spend some time speculating on our theories on what has changed over the years and if Wild Turkey is headed in the right direction with premium offerings.

Show Notes:

  • Before we dive right in, what’s your bourbon story?
  • What got you into Wild Turkey?
  • What keeps you interested in Wild Turkey?
  • Talk about your blog for a minute and what you do at Rarebird101
  • Think about some of those reviews you’ve done, because I’ve seen some real turkey unicorns in there from tradition to split labels to Christmas Rye. Do you have any standout favorites?
  • What is it about cheesy gold foil?
  • Jimmy says nothing has changed. But Be honest, do you think dusty Wild Turkey is better than today?
  • Since you’ve tasted almost everything in the turkey lineup, any thoughts on recreating that dusty flavor profile?
  • We posted on Instagram a while back about waiting in line for a Weller107 store pick because people like us are dumb. You were playing the angle that if everyone focused their attention on Russell’s Reserve picks you wouldn’t have to stand in line. I know you have an article on the 10 reasons why you should be buying Russell’s Reserve picks, what are some of those favorite reasons of yours?
  • How many different Russell’s Reserve picks do you have?
  • It seems that Wild Turkey limited releases don’t get many accolades. From Diamond to Master’s Keep. What’s you honest opinion? Do you feel they don’t deserve the high dollar or do you?
  • Did you sleep on Russell’s Reserve 1998 like I did?
  • When are you getting your chance to meet Matt McConaughey?
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