088 – Back to Basics with Bourbon 101 and 201 with Tim Knittel, Bourbon Educator at Distilled-Living.com

Tim Knittel, Bourbon Educator at Distilled-Living.com and a certified Stave & Thief Society Executive Bourbon Steward, kicks off “back to basics” month by giving an in-depth Bourbon 101 and 201 level knowledge bomb. You will learn something new, guaranteed or your money back!

Show Notes:

  • let’s start from the top. What is bourbon?
  • How’s it made?
  • What goes into it?
  • What’s the average proof coming off the distillate?
  • Some people say that limestone water is a big reason why Kentucky bourbon taste better. Is that true or can I get the same effect out of a garden hose?
  • Is anything stopping someone outside of America from making a bourbon or it just can’t be called that?
  • What advice do you give people of the first bottles to buy that give you a variable taste range?
  • So people like us who think we know everything, what’s a common misperception or falsification we tend to fall for?
  • What’s the most common question you get asked at your tastings

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