062 – What is the Bourbon Women Association? with Susan Reigler

Susan Reigler, Executive Bourbon Steward, joins the show again to talk about Bourbon Women, an organization founded to join like-minded individuals around the nation.

Show Notes:

  • Let’s talk about the Bourbon Women Association (also open to men). Give us the pitch.
  • How many members across the country?
  • How did it start?
  • How does one join?
  • What is a benefit of joining?
  • How much are dues and how is it distributed?
  • How do you start a chapter/branch?
  • Do you all have regular meet ups?
  • If you only get 180 bottles out of the barrel and you have over 1000 members, do other members across the country as you to ship them bottles?
  • Is there a secret handshake?
  • Talk more about the Sip-posium.
  • What’s the long term goal of this organization?
  • Updates on the bourbon tasting notebook
  • Follow on Twitter @BourbonWomen

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