063 – Why is it called Jefferson’s Bourbon? With Trey Zoeller, Founder and Master Blender

Trey Zoeller, Founder and Master Blender of Jefferson’s Bourbon, shares his story with some new information about a new Presidential special release.

Show Notes:

  • Your family history is going to play a large part in this, talk about how you got into bourbon.
  • Quickly talk about your dad for a bit
  • How did you start the Jefferson’s Brand
  • For our listeners out there just now getting into bourbon, give us your pitch of Jeffersons.
  • Give some history on why it’s called Jefferson’s Bourbon and not Zoeller’s reserve
  • You’ve been a non-distilling producer since 1997 up until last year. Talk about the current operations
  • The Jefferson’s Presidential line hasn’t been seen on the shelves around the country in a few years. Any chance of those higher aged bourbons making a return?
  • We also haven’t seen any of the Jefferson’s Rye
  • You’ve been doing quite a bit of experimenting lately. The Jefferson’s Wood Experiment, Chef Collaboration, the Groth Cask finish, the Oceans. are there any other’s I’m missing? Anything on the horizon?
  • There is actually a pretty great story behind the Oceans and I think the listeners would get a kick out of it. So talk about that
  • Ocean’s Cask strength is making its way out there. We’ve seen many start going that route and offering barrel strength expressions
  • Follow along with Jefferson’s Journey
  • What’s the life of Trey like outside of bourbon?

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