061 – Dual Roles as Brewmaster and Master Distiller at Town Branch and Alltech Brewing with Mark Coffman

Mark Coffman, Master Distiller at Alltech Brewing, which is the home of Town Branch bourbon, talks about being a Brewmaster as well as a Master Distiller.

Show Notes:

  • Talk about your adolescence for a bit, was there any influence of bourbon growing up?
  • What made you want to get into the spirits industry?
  • Most people get their stills from Vendome, but yours aren’t. talk about them for a bit
  • Talk about the Town Branch name for a bit. What’s the history and Where did the name come from?
  • What makes Town Branch unique in comparison to other bourbons?
  • Let’s talk about the location for a bit. it became the first company to make bourbon in Lexington, Kentucky since the closure of the Old James E. Pepper Distillery in 1958. how many barrels are you filling per day and how many do you have aging?
  • What’s the average age for Town Branch blend?
  • You’re in an interesting position where you do not only bourbon, but also beer. How much of the bourbon distillation process is used for beer?
  • Be honest. what’s more fun to make. bourbon or beer?
  • You are also doing a traditional Irish Whiskey. talk about that.
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