059 – Sitting Down to Meet Freddie Johnson, 3rd Generation Employee at Buffalo Trace and Tour Guide

Freddie Johnson, 3rd Generation Employee and Tour Guide at Buffalo Trace, talks about his family legacy and his depth of bourbon knowledge.

Show Notes:

  • Freddie Johnson, legendary tour guide at Buffalo Trace
  • This will be an easy question for you and the basis for our show today, but tell everyone about your family history in the area and how you got into the bourbon industry. and let’s be long-winded here.
  • At what age did Jimmy Sr start working at the distillery? and was it called the GTS distillery at that point?
  • What roles did Jimmy Sr have at the distillery?
  • What do you mean that he had Irish features?
  • What would he do on business trips with Colonel Blanton?
  • What age did Jimmy Jr start at the distillery?
  • Your dad also had a special relationship with Colonel Blanton as well.
  • Why would he filet fish? It didn’t seem like that would be in a specific line of duties
  • Does Harlan or anyone here ever ask you to do some oddball task?
  • What keeps you going every day?

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