058 – Learning more about “Frontier Whiskey” with Bulleit Bourbon Global Ambassador Tim Judge

Tim Judge, Global Ambassador for Bulleit Bourbon, dives into the Bulleit Bourbon origination and all the new expansion taking place.

Show Notes:

  • Tell us about your journey into whiskey
  • Why did you choose Bulleit as your spirit of choice in the portfolio?
  • What lessons did you take away from Tom after meeting him?
  • We’ve had plenty of ambassadors on the show that talk about going around to different places and telling bartenders about their bourbon or attending events and handing out cocktails. but you’re a “global” ambassador, what more does that entail?
  • You also have passion outside of spirits, talk about that
  • For those folks who are unfamiliar, which I think would be pretty hard to do at this point, tell people about Bulleit bourbon.
  • Also let’s talk individually about the different expressions that are available. and what makes each unique or special. sort of the pitch that you would do during a tasting event.
  • Bulliet Bourbon has the tagline that says “Frontier Whiskey”. The thing of it is, you would probably never want to drink Frontier Whiskey
  • And marketing plays a heavy role in the label positioning as well, talk about that.
  • Bulleit is now owned by Diageo and is hypothesized to be distilled by Four Roses. However, mistake me if I’m wrong, I believe that the agreement or contract with Four Roses is going to be coming to an end and distillation is going to be moving to the Bulleit Frontier experience at the acclaimed Stitzel-Weller Distillery.
  • Do you see a change in the flavor profile coming as new operations come online?
  • We had Carol Perry back on the show back in episode 23 and you had the opportunity to meet with him. What did you think?
  • Back to you, a lot of people here in the states are starting their own bourbon and whiskey collections, trying to round up as many as they can for the fun of tasting and even for potential profit, do you have a big collection yourself?
  • This is a question from Blake @ bourbonr.com – if you want to make some classic bourbon cocktails, what are some of the ingredients you should always have on hand?

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