057 – Creating Louisville’s First Full Service Bourbon Themed Restaurant Bourbon’s Bistro with Jason Brauner

Jason Brauner, Owner of Louisville-based restaurant Bourbon’s Bistro, talks about his family history at National Distillers and running a full serviced bourbon-themed restaurant.

Show Notes:

  • Once again, thanks to Adam Johnson……, we are making our first podcast on the Urban Bourbon Trail. For those not familiar, the Urban Bourbon Trail is sponsored by the Louisville Vistor’s Center as a way to show attractions relating to bourbon right here in the heart of the city. It has a majority of bars and restaurants but you can download the Urban Bourbon Trail app for yourself to find out more. Or you can pick up a Passport at any Urban Bourbon Trail location or at the visitors center on 4th street downtown. So there’s more to the bourbon trail than heading out to bardstown.
  • What’s your history with bourbon?
  • Did you have the foresight to stock away a bunch of National Distiller’s products?
  • We met at WhiskyLive and you were wearing your great uncle’s watch. talk about that and your family history in the bourbon business.
  • Give everyone the scoop about Bourbon’s Bistro
  • Talk about the connection between bourbon and France.
  • How did you decide to get into the restaurant business?
  • What did it mean at the time to investment in something that was on the bandwagon and take that risk?
  • Back in 2014 your restaurant was names on of the world’s best whiskey bars, talk about that
  • You’re also a stop on the Urban bourbon trail. How has that effected business
  • What’s your favorite thing on the menu because mine is the shrimp and grits
  • You have quite a whiskey collection and lots of dusties. talk about it.
  • Are you in favor of KY changing their laws to be a more relaxed like DC where you can source a bottle from anywhere to sell at your establishment, cutting out the distributor and giving your patrons a chance at tasting bourbons that you have amassed?
  • Any advice to others out there looking to open a bar?

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