041 – Maker’s Mark Collection Obsession with Brian Gelfo, Maker’s Mark Ambassador Extraordinaire

Brian Gelfo, Maker’s Mark Ambassador Extraordinaire & Bourbon Mafia Member, goes in depth about the Maker’s Mark Ambassador.

Show Notes:

  • Markers Mark is now starting a “private barrel” program. But it’s more like a private blend program.
  • What’s your story?
  • Tell the listeners about your Maker’s Mark collection
  • How do you get a hold of all the export bottles?
  • What would you consider your most prized Marker’s Mark collectable?
  • Explain to the listeners what the Marker’s Mark ambassadors program is
  • How does someone sign up for the program?
  • Is it free of charge?
  • What are the benefits of being an ambassador?
  • Give the listeners some idea of the best items Marker’s Mark has sent over the years to their ambassadors.
  • what’s the process for going to pick up a bottle from your batch? Is it like the Willy Wonka golden ticket?
  • What is life like for the Samuels outside of bourbon?
  • What are some of your favorite Maker’s Mark events over the past decade?

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