032 – Chasing Bottles and Secondary Markets with Erik of @BourbonSeason

Erik of @BourbonSeason joins the show to talk about the infamous bottle chase and the growing secondary market.

Show Notes:

  • Before we get started, there is a new December release coming from Kentucky Owl so be on the lookout for red, blue, and green ink bottles soon.
  • Erik, how did you get into bourbon?
  • Tell us what you do with your twitter handle, @BourbonSeason
  • There’s a lot of ways to get allocated bourbons, have you found a good formula for getting special release bourbons?
  • Have you seen special hunting groups that have formed?
  • Have you seen more camp out situations in other parts of the country?
  • There’s camping, lotteries, and being a “best” customer but is there a fair way to distribute allocated bottles?
  • In Louisville the secondary market is starting to take its effect. Small shops are selling bottles for secondary prices. Are you seeing this in other parts of the country as well?
  • When you think about the secondary market there are fingers to point. Are people flipping the bottles or buying the bottles the culprit of the problem?
  • How do you feel about seeing the flipper “crotch shot”?
  • Some people on forums are selling 2 or 3 full verticals of Pappy or BTAC, so how are these people feeding the secondary market?
  • In Louisville, we have a few restaurants that have fantastic selections, but they are price gouging. No question about it. Do you see restaurants as contributing to the secondary market as well?
  • Are the distilleries going to start charging more to combat and make more money for themselves?
  • This week, Buffalo Trace sent out an email responding to the mass inquiries about secondary market pricing and they intend on trying to shut down secondary markets. Can Buffalo Trace successfully shut it down?
  • Would you like to see Buffalo Trace crack down on stores and restaurants that price gouge since the three-tier system is the only way a consumer can get a bottle?
  • Quick PSA on breaking your empty bottles
  • Is there such a thing as “bourbon karma”?

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