030 – Bourbon Sensory Training using Aroma Academy with Robert Mohr & Tom Johnson

Robert Mohr & Tom Johnson of Aroma Academy (@AromaAcademyUS) join the podcast to talk about the science behind using olfactory senses to know more about your bourbon and the key aromas.

Show Notes:

  • How do you store your extensive bourbon collection? Is it like storing wine?
  • Give us a quick intro about how you are and how you got into bourbon
  • The tagline is “a sensory training for DRINKS PROFESSIONALS” so talk about what is Aroma Academy
  • Are the smells common between everyone or does everyone smell something different?
  • What are some of the key aromas we get from bourbon?
  • Has there ever been a bourbon, scotch or wine that you’ve nosed and you said, “I’m not even going to drink that”
  • Talk about your blog post on creating a Pappy Van Winkle nosing sample
  • Have you found two particular brands of bourbon that are two polar opposites of one another?
  • If someone purchases a kit, is there a 24-hour turnaround time or how long does it take to better develop your olfactory senses?
  • Do aromas change based on density levels depending on the type of glass its in?
  • Talk about letting the alcohol dissipate after pouring it in a glass before nosing and tasting
  • Special 20% discount for Bourbon Pursuit listeners on the 24 Aroma Kit – When checking out, just use the coupon code “Pursuit”.

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