029 – A Bourbon Christmas Gift Exchange with John Kowalczyk

John Kowalczyk reveals how he started a Bourbon Christmas Gift Exchange that grew from just a handful of friends to an event that is sponsored by liquor stores and distilleries.

Show Notes:

  • Overview of the past few bottles to come out and Ryan is becoming a dusty hunter after attending Whiskey Pig at Willett Distillery.
  • What’s your bourbon story? How did you get into it?
  • Tell us about your Bourbon Gift Exchange
  • Are there rules to your gift exchange?
  • Throw out some of the names of the brands you had your first year
  • How did more people find out about it and spread?
  • Is there a certain bottle that stands out among the crowd?
  • How did you get sponsorships from local stores and even distilleries?
  • What are the plans for this year? Are you trying to step it up?
  • After the exchange is over, do people just immediately open their bottle and start sharing?

One thought on “029 – A Bourbon Christmas Gift Exchange with John Kowalczyk

  1. Hey I’m new to bourbons I have a few. Don’t know how to sniff or judge or discern but I can tell Tastes good or is harsh but I want to learn and share with friends and collet new ones find out what “Really good whiskey” is. Are their groups to exchange small or sample bottles or gifting sets to sample like 200 ML IT be neat to just have on the shelf without Buying a huge bottle. I have limited space that wife would frown on if it basement was just full of booze. You can’t drink that all. lol I am on several Instagrams but had to know who is legit and what is a scam. Do I need to sign up for Patreons and hope for drawings or samplings? Idk I’m on Papillion, NE. thanks

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