016 – Preserving the History of Whiskey Row in Louisville with Marianne Zickuhr

Marianne Zickuhr, Executive Director of Preservation Louisville, talks about the history of Whiskey Row and her involvement with preserving this iconic landmark in downtown Louisville, KY.

Show Notes:

  • What was your first memory or first bottle of bourbon?
  • What’s your role at Preservation Louisville?
  • Did you study history in college or have you been a history buff?
  • What is Whiskey Row in Louisville, KY?
  • How did you get involved with it?
  • Can you recall any of the names that might have inhabited Whiskey Row?
  • Can you explain more about the building because the facade is there but what about the rest of the building?
  • Why did Whiskey Row die off?
  • Do you know the origin of the tiles on the block showing names of the old distilleries?
  • Is everything done what can be done to preserve it?
  • There is a bourbon called Whiskey Row but it’s actually made in Crestwood, KY and you have a story about that.
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