017 – Are Orphan Barrels Really Lost? Blade and Bow Releases with Ewan Morgan of Diageo

Ewan Morgan, National Director for the Diageo Masters of Whiskey, joins us from DC to talk about his past with whiskey, scotch, and bourbon. We dive deeper into the Orphan Barrel releases as well as the latest, Blade and Bow.

Show Notes:

  • Tell us about your love story with bourbon. How did you get into the industry?
  • Give us an idea about the differences you see in scotch vs whiskey vs bourbon
  • Talk about your role at Diageo as a Master of Whiskey
  • How would you even begin in that career path?
  • Talk about how Diageo started getting into pure bourbon?
  • Give us a little bit of history and the inspiration behind the Orphan Barrels
  • How did Diageo come up with the bottle designs?
  • Can you talk a little bit about the Diageo Orphan Barrel releases? Old Blowhard, Barterhouse, Lost Prophet, Rhetoric, and Forged Oak. What makes each unique?
  • Some Orphan Barrel series such as Barterhouse are seeing new batches show up while some others such as Lost Prophet are pretty much done. Can you give an indication of which releases we can expect to see more of? And which ones are done?
  • Diageo recently released Blade and Bow. Talk to us a bit about both releases
  • What is solera aging?
  • Talk about the marketing of the key and the name “Blade and Bow”
  • What does it mean to call the old Stitzel-Weller distillery “home”?
  • How much Stitzel-Weller juice do you have on hand?

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