088 – Tim Knittel, Bourbon Educator at Distilled-Living.com talks Bourbon 101/201

Tim Knittel, Bourbon Educator at Distilled-Living.com and a certified Stave & Thief Society Executive Bourbon Steward, kicks off “back to basics” month by giving an in-depth Bourbon 101 and 201 level knowledge bomb. You will learn something new, guaranteed or your money back!

  1. let’s start from the top. What is bourbon?
  2. How’s it made?
  3. What goes into it?
  4. What’s the average proof coming off the distillate?
  5. Some people say that limestone water is a big reason why Kentucky bourbon taste better. Is that true or can I get the same effect out of a garden hose?
  6. Is anything stopping someone outside of America from making a bourbon or it just can’t be called that?
  7. What advice do you give people of the first bottles to buy that give you a variable taste range?
  8. So people like us who think we know everything, what’s a common misperception or falsification we tend to fall for?
  9. What’s the most common question you get asked at your tastings

Just to clarify some things. 😎 An #executivebourbonsteward certified by the Stave & Thief society. Worked at a distillery as homeplace host and culinary center general manager. Over 7 years in the industry and constantly keeping up to date with industry news. ➡︎ 2016 clients include so far: VisitLex, Cork & Barrel, Run the Bluegrass, Smiley Pete, a variety of businesses through Marriott, and a variety of private groups • Available for events & partnerships • Just sayin' 😄• #bourbon #bourbonschool #bourbon101 #bourbonsteward #certifiedbourbonsteward #certifiedexecutivebourbonsteward #bourbonclass #bourboneducation #bourbontasting #eventplanning #distilledliving @visitlex @cork_and_barrel @runthebluegrass @griffingatelex

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