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America's native spirit is gaining huge popularity across every demographic. Bartenders mixing cocktails, millennials preferring whiskey over clear spirits, and the established whiskey geeks who can't get enough of it. Bourbon has been made popular in mainstream media by TV shows such as Mad Men, Billions, and Dead Wood while making appearances in more movies than can be researched. "Bourbonism" is growing with more than 1 million people visiting The Bourbon Trail in 2016. You get it, bourbon is taking over.

Bourbon Pursuit, the "Official Podcast of Bourbon", is ranked #1 and the most popular bourbon podcast on iTunes with an established listener base. The show focuses on bringing guests in the bourbon industry that have a story to tell. Master Distillers from Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve, Michter's, Buffalo Trace, and bloggers, authors, and pundits have been previous guests on the show. The podcast has been audio focused, but moved to distributing video in May 2017. Video is more engaging and captures the attention over a passive listener. The podcast is looking to bring on strategic partners to support the show and, in turn, create a new marketing avenue for companies to promote their brands across its demographic in highly targeted campaigns.

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Kenny Coleman & Ryan Cecil

Bourbon Pursuit Podcast