396 – Fading Trends, Evolution of In-Store Buying, and Increase of Bourbon Fests on Bourbon Community Roundtable #77

This is BCR #77 and its always a fan favorite so here’s what we have tonight. Like bad hair and skinny jeans, trends come and go. But the same thing happens in the bourbon world. I pose a question to the group, if we see any trends fading. We start talking about stickers and barrel picks, but there are more we see happening. In the next section of the show, I ask everyone if the in-store buying experience is changing. There have been a lot of partnerships and acquisitions by Drizly, GoPuff, ReserveBar, and even Seelbachs. Are online and on-demand outlets such as these making consumers less likely to try new things? In the last part of the show, it’s a question from Brian and he wants to know are there just too many bourbon festivals?

Show Notes:

  • Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) cigars.
  • What bourbon trends are fading?
  • Will Drizly/GoPuff/Seelbachs/ReserveBar kill the in-store experience?
  • How can brands get people to try new things when many people will choose what’s comfortable?
  • Are there too many bourbon festivals? It seems like every festival is now BLANK + Bourbon.
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