E.H. Taylor Despised Stagg and More Bourbon Law with Brian Haara (2020)

I’m diving into our archives and presenting one of the amazing sessions that we held back in May of 2020 at the first and only Whiskey From Home event. Many people asked if another Whiskey From Home event would ever happen… and I thought long and hard about what it took to make this happen. Whiskey From Home had over 15k people stream it live during the height of COVID and, to be honest, it was a true sense of accomplishment. It was the first large scale virtual whiskey event and it was a true collaboration effort from everyone involved. Here we are a few years later and everyone wants to get back to being in person so that’s why WFH was sort of a one and done. However, I want to share with you a session by Brian Haara, you know him as Sipp’n Corn on the roundtable and our resident law expert, as he dives into why E.H. Taylor Despised George T Stagg and more bourbon stories from his book, Bourbon Justice. If you’re a bourbon geek like me, you will love this session. You can also watch this and all other sessions that are available on our YouTube page.

Show Notes:

  • Get Bourbon Justice on all book store locations!
  • Maker’s Mark sued a tequila company
  • EH Taylor and Stagg really hated each other
  • @sippn_corn
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