205 – Facebook Rule Changes and What’s Next with Marianne Eaves on Bourbon Community Roundtable #33

A jam packed episode. The first half is focused on the the largest Facebook group known for buying, selling, and trading bourbon and it’s encounter with Facebook staff about rule changes. We cover the news and share the information as it’s presented. In the second half of the show, we are joined by Marianne Eaves as she discusses her departure from Castle & Key and what’s on the horizon for her next adventure. This episode has a little bit of everything. Oh yeah, and a teaser about marijuana with bourbon which you can look forward to hearing more next week.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about Bottled-In-Bond and Bernie Lubbers.
  • The Next Phase of the Bourbon Secondary Market. Facebook is cracking down.
  • What will be the next iteration of the secondary market?
  • When did you get the news and how did you feel about it?
  • Will this start more segmented smaller groups?
  • Are there any other platforms where the secondary market could exist?
  • How does one have bourbon as a hobby and ensure that he or she is not becoming an alcoholic in the process?
  • Are Sober Bars going to become a thing?
  • What’s new with Marianne Eaves?
  • What was the response from other companies to you leaving Castle and Key?
  • Are you interested in other spirits?
  • Have you been trained in other spirits?
  • What’s your favorite style of gin?
  • What’s next for you?
  • What do you all think about marijuana infused bourbon?



If by some chance you think that there’s some background noise or you think it’s being noisy, I’m going to put it on you to hit your mute button. I know last time everybody was talking over top of each other and

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Yeah. Alright, so that didn’t work. Well, we’ll move on.

This is Episode 205. of bourbon pursuit. And we only have a little bit of news to go through today because it’s the bourbon Community Roundtable, which is all about the news. Of course, the birthday bourbon is out of the gate. It’s typically one of the first ones we see and hear about during the fall release season. Well, I guess it’s that time because the 2019 edition, the specs have come out and it’s going to feature and an 11 year old hundred and five proof expression which is the highest proof to date, a total of 120 barrels, which is still on May 15, 2008, and aged on the second floor of warehouse I master distiller Chris Morris and master taster Jackie’s I can who have both been featured on the show previously talking about birthday bourbon selected and proved this year’s limited edition, the 2019 old forced to birthday bourbon is going to be offered at an MSRP of 9999. And roughly 13,200 bottles will be available for purchase nationwide. Well, this episode, it’s a doozy. The first half of this episode is focused on the largest Facebook site known for buying, selling and trading bourbon. And really, it’s kind of a necessary evil because that’s how valuations are really how they’re created. But this is also a little pretty controversial in the underground sort of bourbon community because people thought there were ulterior motives involved. just want you to know, we try to be respectful and come at this from a very gentle stick approach. We cover the news. And the big news of this week was the letters of the admins that received them from bourbon secondary market, and they got these from Facebook officials. So don’t get me wrong. There’s still plenty of places on Facebook where you can get your hands on these goods. But this was a very high profile page. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens. In the second half of the show. We’re joined by Marianne Eaves, as she discusses her departure from castle and key and what’s on the horizon for in her next adventure. Like I said, this show has a little bit of everything. Oh yeah. And there’s a teaser about marijuana with bourbon at the end, which you can look forward to hearing more about next week. With that, let’s hear from our good friend Joe over a barrel bourbon. And then you’ve got Fred Minnick with the above the char.

Hi, this is Joe from barrell craft spirits.

every batch we produce has a distinct flavor profile. We take pride in blending and preserving spirits for the people who enjoy them the most.

You lift your spirits with barrel bourbon.

I’m Fred Minnick, and this is above the char. The box came into my office like any other box, the FedEx man dropped it off. I cut it open. I ripped it out and I pulled a bottle out. But the excitement that I felt when I saw the bottle was far different than when I usually get a 90 proof bottle or some new product from one of the big distilleries. This one had etched in the label, bottled in bond. It was Catoctin Creek, a rye whiskey out of Virginia. I said it next to other bottle on the bond whiskeys on my shelf. George decal bite on the bond Tennessee whiskey, dad’s hat, bottle and bond Pennsylvania whiskey, tomfoolery bottle and bond Cleveland bourbon. It’s made in the Cleveland area. And as I looked at these on my shelf, I couldn’t help but feel the pride just overwhelming in my soul. You had bottle and bond from Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. It was absolutely phenomenal. Especially when you consider that 10 years ago, the bottle and Bond was almost extinct. You really only saw about 15 bottles on the shelf and those were mostly from heaven Hill. But as Bourbons started becoming more popular and as ride became more popular, you had one particular brand ambassador who was going around the world telling people about bottle of Bach. He’s covered in tattoos plays bluegrass music wears belt buckles, it can tell you anything you want to know about bourbon history. His name is Bernie Lubbers. He’s one of these guys that has the passion of 1000 bourbon reps. And that’s because he knows his stuff. But more importantly, he believes it. And it’s my opinion, that if it was not for Bernie out there discussing the heritage and importance of bottle and bond whiskey, that we would not be seeing George decal on the shelf or Catoctin creek or dad’s hat touting being bottled and bought. If you want to learn about that history, check out his website. He’s the whiskey professor. He’s got a book, I’ve written about the history of the bottle and Bond Act of 1897. But really, in today’s sense, I give all the credit to bottle and bonds return to one man, and his name is Bernie lovers. So if you happen to like buy all the bond whiskey, find Bernie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell him Thank you. Because if it wasn’t for him, and his big giant tattoo on his arm, I don’t know if we’d have bottled in bond right now. And that’s this week’s above the char. Hey, if you have somebody you would like to highlight and above the char hit me up on Instagram or Twitter at Fred Minnick. That’s at Fred Minnick. Until next week. Cheers

Welcome back to episode of bourbon pursuit the official podcast of bourbon. This is the 33rd meeting and podcast recording of the bourbon Community Roundtable. It’s this one, it’s odd because we usually spend about a a day or two ahead of time kind of thinking of random topics. I always maybe sit there and look at some tweets Fred put out the week before and and see if like that’s a makes good for a conversation or a topic. However, today this one sort of came all together like within the span of an hour and a half. It was the bombshell that kind of got dropped in one of the largest Facebook groups and we’re going to talk about that here in a little bit. But Kenny’s here, Fred and Ryan, join me here as well. How’s it going tonight? fellows going?

Great. Oh, just Yeah. Do you know says that? It’s okay to talk.

Go ahead.

No, it’s funny. You’re in your intro. I was thinking I was like, people may or may not know I delete social media during the week. So I normally have no tables are till about 30 minutes for I logged in today on Twitter. And I was like, Oh shit. I’m really behind. What what are we going to talk about? This is insane. So super excited about today’s show.

It’s a it’s a riddle. Like, how do you piss off at the thousand bourbon enthusiasts in one one post?

Yep, exactly. Yeah. I mean, it’s

it’s interesting. And the thing is, is is like I think I think what’s happening can play into a kind of like a larger kind of national conversation as well. So this is you know, and this is important for all of us right now to talk about

a good I people always like discussions on the secondary market. We don’t like to think it exists. But of course it does. That’s That’s how that’s how names get kind of brand names can get spread around. That’s how valuations happen. So it’s almost like a necessary evil but before we kind of start talking about that, I want to go around the horn as usual. Let the folks introduce themselves and we’re going to go with on my left starting with Blake of bourbon

and he’s on mute direction.

Me You know, I did too good of a job under no, I’m Blake from bourbon are always fun to be here. It’s a you know, let’s see the 34th bourbon roundtable in a row and the 34th time you’ve seen my face because that is the Cal Ripken of bourbon roundtable so thanks for having me. It’s a 33rd but who’s counting 33rd

that I’m going to be on next next month as well

yeah, let’s see what that magic eight ball says

all right Brian sip and corn How you doing?

All right I’m doing great thanks for having me again night guys. Brian with sip and corn you can find me on social all the social media is sipping porn and online you can find all those things and more at bourbon justice calm and in sipping corn calm brings you to the same place. And looking forward to to tonight’s conversation guys.

Alright, and the one of the highest ranking whiskey blogs out there today. Jordan from breaking bourbon, how are you? Good. Thanks for have us. This is Jordan, one of the three guys from breaking bourbon. com, find us on all the social medias at breaking bourbon along with Patreon and make sure to check out our updated Release Calendar update near daily. Awesome.

So with that, let’s go ahead and kind of kick off the show, you know, we hinted at a little bit it was going to be talking about the secondary market. There’s a large Facebook group in there, they don’t really try to make it sound like it’s hard to find it’s actually called bourbon secondary market. So there’s, there’s no mystery whatsoever. But it’s typically one of those places that it’s a kind of underground, you have to be invited into it. And it’s a buy sell trade form. I know that everybody on the call is a member of it. We’ve all been there before. So and before we kind of get into the meat of the subject I want to introduce Craig. So Craig, I’m going to hopefully don’t screw it up again. rubric. Right? has joined us today. So Craig is one of the admins of bourbon secondary mark or bsm. So Craig, welcome the show. Hey, thanks. So Craig, before we kind of get into it a little bit, kind of talk about like how you came to be an admin inside of DSM.

Sure. Um, so I think everyone knows, the group’s founder Oh, and, and through another group that Owen runs, I came to know him, which is the global bourbon hounds. And when you’re running a group that size, you know, you tend to when it gets to a certain point, you tend to reach out to people that you trust to help you run it. And so that’s that’s basically how that happened. I mean, the group existed for I don’t know a good year and a half two years before I came on board with the admin team and so that’s basically what it was was just someone that would be somewhat level headed I don’t know that we get bullheaded I

hope so. That is the secondary market

right so

but yeah, someone although I probably get accused of being one of the more I think with my emotions first type of admin in there, you know, we we try to be fair, it can be a challenge you know, we used to admin under our names in there and then we used to add many and under the bsm page just because guys get they get ridiculous. Their their bourbon feelings get out of control. They they can’t contain it in their feelings journal. And so they have

I didn’t create that, that that graphic. Well, I didn’t create the actual feelings journal journal, but that was someone else that made that picture. But I do take credit for for putting that into the the bourbon secondary Mark vernacular as the word. So, but yeah, so that’s, I mean, that’s how it came to be was just, yeah, I’m happy to help out. I think now, whenever we are looking for admin, I think our first rule is, if someone is reaching out if they’re actively pursuing being an admin, like, Hey, I love to help out. No, you’re not nobody, it’s not a good fit. Nobody wants an admin in there. But we’re, you know, a close knit bunch of guys and but yeah, we admin from the page just because, you know, guys get crazy, they threaten your family. They threaten your livelihood, it gets ridiculous all over a silly bottle of bourbon. So. So that’s, you know, that’s that’s why that changed, initiated. So today, you know, we have this email come out, that basically says Facebook’s changing their community standards are tightening them. And so therefore, or any groups that buy sell trade alcohol, they want to have that activity cease. And so we, of course, had discussions about how that would affect us how we would operate. And so I think that what you’re going to find is that the mega balls group, which we also run, for auctions, that’s going to get I won’t, I won’t call it mothball. But we’re just not, we’re just kind of not going to be adding any map. So I don’t have the logistics of that yet. Which Owen could probably speak better to that myself. And then regards to bsm.

Yeah, as like, let’s let’s focus on the bsm kind of, kind of what was because I know that’s what a lot of people are here, really waiting for is, is what is what is going to be the next iteration. And by the way, for anybody that is just like, totally, like, not have any idea. they’re new to bourbon, yes, there’s this huge secondary market that exists. There’s like 55,000 people in there and people post bottles for sale, people say they’ll buy it, and then ends up and shows up your front doorstep. That’s what he’s kind of talking about this whole buy sell trade thing and this kind of open market that happens inside of Facebook. But Greg kind of talk about what is the, like the new ruling or kinda like the the next iteration of what is to come here, bsm? What’s the, what’s the go. So I think what

we’re thinking now is that it may go to a straight deal by messenger sort of situation, I don’t know that we’ve fully worked out the logistics of that. And I for myself, I just think, you know, admitting something like that will just be a nightmare. You know, in some ways, it’s like a second job already. But I think that will kind of have to see how that plays out. I there hasn’t been any, you know, doesn’t make sense to go backup Facebook group, because you’re under the same restrictions, right, your, your, your backup groups going to get tagged and, and knock down if you’re engaging that activity. So right now, you know, what we’ve read into it is just change your group name. don’t have anything in your group description about buy, sell trade, don’t do any activity in your group. And of course, it only takes one upset person to direct that. So I think we’re leaning towards a PM, a Facebook Messenger sort of based setup similar to us some other groups that are a little smaller than us, and our maybe secret and you got to know somebody to get in there. But used to be ran by a guy named Phil. You know, I think that, you know, certain groups that allow pm dealing and we never did, we are always about just having it done out in the open. So it it may very well likely be a one at from that. When we make a final decision. I know, Owen or you’ll see a post via the bsm page will come up and say as such, but I think that’s sort of the prevailing thought right now is that we would go to something one fat.

So Craig, you guys get this news today, what time today, like in the afternoon,

brown about I think I was just wrapping up with work when I checked my email. And I saw that, and then we started sharing that I think it was a little bit even earlier than that, when I hopped into the the admin chat and saw that there was already some discussion about that.

So you all you all have, you know, built something that is very much a part of the bourbon culture, especially kind of like the geek culture. And, you know, we A lot of us, you know, kind of look up to, you know, appreciate what you all have, you know, done. And now it’s kind of be being taken away, you know, in some ways, I mean, you know, on the personal level, I know, you guys have been through a lot like in managing this, but you know, what were you all feeling when this came through what was going through your mind when, when you guys got this notice?

I think it’s like, well, here it is, right? Like, there’s always been, you know, guys have speculated about this sort of thing happening to, to our sorts of groups for for a while now have, you know, Facebook’s done similar things with, with other groups that were of a sensitive subject matter that they felt like, we’re not in line with their community standards. And so we’ve always felt like, you know, the hammer was going to fall at some point. And you know, if you remember quite quite a while back, we had that little kind of dust up when when bourbon groups just sort of vanished. And there, you know, Chicken Little came out and the sky was falling then right? And then does it feel different this time? It definitely like before, you didn’t know what was going on. And again, you thought the same thing if you thought, well, this is it, you know, the hammer is finally falling. And Facebook has done away with us. And we were scrambling to figure out, you know, other social media avenues to form to do the same thing that we were doing now, this time around, it seems to be it seems a little more more serious, right? Like, there’s a plan they’re actively searching for, for the sorts of groups that are, you know, not by virtue of being a bourbon group, are you necessarily doing wrong, but whenever you cross that threshold to buy sell trade, then Facebook’s not liking that. So? Yeah, it just feels like it may have more weight this time. We’re we’re treating it more. I think there’s some within our ranks that that, you know, feel like maybe wait and see. There’s also a little bit of disbelief, right? Like, was this just some, you know, nonsense email that someone has sent trying to troll us? Or, you know, something like that? several folks, even folks that manage large Facebook groups that are not bourbon related, been received an email. So yeah, I think just more serious is is a way to kind of sum it up so enough, that that, Owen and the rest of us feel like we want to react to it, to kind of just, you know, allow this sort of thing to carry on. And regardless of whether it’s by Facebook, or not, like a quote, jurassic park here, like life will find a way, right. Like, if it’s not hold on to your butts. Exactly. Like if it’s not, if it’s not via Facebook, you know, you can’t keep a good flipper down right there. Right there, they’re going to try to talk to their, their bottles of it, eh, Taylor small batch and, and well, or special reserve and, you know, whatever, no matter where they are, whether it’s on in a smaller Facebook group, or Craigslist, or, you know, e Bay, God forbid, or what, you know, whatever, like, folks will find a way. So what we haven’t talked about is any sort of moving to any other social media format. I think once upon a time we we mess around with a and I’ll probably butcher the name may way. Page me we may way, there’s actually people in chat that are

talking about that right now. I I’m unfamiliar with the platform

myself. Yeah. So we had we had messed around with that, you know, there, the issue you always run into with something like this is a group this size, when you switch over to something like that, like we had kind of sort of work the kinks out of admitting via Facebook. So then you switch to another platform and then admitting via that way, and trying to just figure out all the ins and outs of that is, is a bit of a headache. So

let’s I feel like everyone’s already on Facebook. So that’s not

tough thing to

do just automatic because everyone’s on their phone every single day. And so then they just see it

constantly. And it’s just one more channel you got to keep up with when you have so many already. And it’s like who wants another channel to mess with? But

you already have the older generation who’s not on Facebook getting on there just for bourbon. Now, I don’t even know what me we is. So

if any don’t even know.

My barometer but migrate everyone over there’s trouble.

No, no, you’re totally right. I mean, Facebook is the logical platform for a lot of these kind of things, because that is where people spend their time already. And so Oh, and it sent us a message at least Blake and I a little bit earlier. And so I’ll kind of talk about what he had had posted as the potential new rules. This is not official until it becomes official on the forum. But he had said that the kind of the new stuff is that you do not talk about buying selling or trading alcohol, because this is now against Facebook community standards. So that’s no longer to be allowed inside the group. You’re only here to see pictures, if you want to talk about to the person that posted a picture, then send them a pm. So kind of thinks of the old days of put something up there expected pm to come in as well. discussion posts are still not allowed go over to bourbon or for that, of course, thrown out the plug for you there Blake. But another way around this is that if you want to you just throw a link in to something that you had posted off of Facebook. So if you are posting it on bottle spot or Craigslist, you just drop the link in there, and then people can pm you that way. And that’s how they can kind of get get in contact with you with that particular bottle. So it sounds like if there’s a will there’s a way because it’s hard to lose a large majority of people like that, you know, with one fell swoop and then I’ll take it another direction to and see what you guys think. You know, of course, will there’s a way something’s going to happen. And is this just going to start more segmented smaller groups and it’s going to be hard to kind of find that that one big big group that was bsm.

I think as a community like and you know, I’ve grown tired of Facebook just in general you know, I’ve been I’ve been finding other avenues to do you know to buy and definitely definitely just from on a personal level. I mean I I don’t enjoy Facebook I enjoy instagram and twitter but you know Facebook to me just It feels like it’s it’s become kind of like it went from somehow from being fun to like some mandatory you had you had to do you woke up you brush your teeth see check and see who posted a picture about their kid or something it just like in general, Facebook’s losing a lot of steam and society is you know, as other platforms are growing, and I think the inevitability here, and I certainly I have an app and development, but I think the the inevitability here is that somebody creates something specifically for bourbon consumers. And frankly, it should be someone on this on this podcast right now. Because, you know, the fact is, is that this shits going to keep happening. I don’t know if someone saw Mark Zuckerberg fake Pappy or what but the whole? It just it has.

What’s that? It was me, sir. I always took you as a fake Pappy. Yeah.

lawyer? Absolutely.

Well, he knows how to get itself out of it. That’s right law saying I can’t refill this and sell it. But, you know, it’s just this just just going to keep happening. And then they’re going to say like, they’re going to start regulating your, your private messaging and just, that’s what what the fuck ever, you know. I mean, I actually, the last time this happened, I actually spent a lot of time reaching out to Facebook, getting comments from I spoke to people at Facebook. About the last time you know, the last time we had some sites go down and it just, you know, I mean, they played, they played me a fool. They played every wonderful like they fit, you know, they played our government a fool. Facebook just does whatever the fuck it wants to do. I mean, it’s it’s stills are information. They’re just, they’re turds. And I hate all of this. And, you know i, that the secondary group, there comes the feeling channel, you know, right.

Give me Give me my own mean.

Or, or as my friend Steve Sabin would say, fuck that guy.

But that’s how I feel about Facebook, fuck.

I think at the end of the day, right, so we’re all and he notices with the whole delete Facebook move and see a ton of different long reads on tech blogs or other areas, like people are still going to use Facebook man or walk right, you can’t kick it, as Fred mentioned, you wake up, brush your teeth, check Facebook, but like, that’s what people realize. You know, you might leave Facebook, but there are society stays on. But that being said, bourbon might leave Facebook, and people will go with it. Because at the end of the day, people want to make money, they’re going to go where the money is. So it may be more of an inconvenience, and people might complain about it. But they’re still going to go do it because they’re going to want to sell bourbon and they’re going to I want to buy bourbon and you know, free economy will find a way. So I think it’s just gonna be a super convenience. And people complain about it a lot. That being said, about a lot of people just go wherever the money is going to take them, which is the end of the day is what it’s all about anyways, right? We’re not like talking about a community or like, Hey, you know, checking on each other, it’s, I’m going there to make money, I’m going there to spend money, that’s all it is. Right?

Drop, dropping the hammer,

I kind of the tough part is figuring out Facebook’s logic in this. And to me, it’s just they don’t want the liability. You know, we’ve talked about this before on multiple different whether it’s shipping or just online sales, whatever it is, Facebook doesn’t want the liability. So they gotta at least put that out there. What I’m interested to see is, you know, kind of going back to asking, Craig, does this feel different than the times before? Is, is Facebook really going to follow through with this? You know, it kind of does sound like they are and it is a little bit different. But we’ve been down this road before and then maybe kind of a See See ya a move from them of who knows, I don’t know what kind of legal ramifications they’d have. You know, Brian could probably speak a little more to that seems like in the past, there’s been a whole lot of other shady or deals happen on like Craigslist, and that kind of stuff. And I don’t know if those guys have ever gotten in trouble or prosecuted for for, you know, actual illegal behavior, or at least more illicit behavior. But it will see, you know, it definitely is a big platform. I’ve kicked around ideas of having having a solution on my site with seal box. But it’s just like, there’s a lot of issues you have to solve before you jump into that. And Facebook was always just the easiest route, because everyone was there. So that’ll be interesting. Next, next couple of weeks, for sure.

Yeah, it sort of struck me is is and maybe this is just wishful thinking something that all pass that they’ll crack down for a little bit. And you have to be doing things through links to bottle spot or direct messages or whatever. And then it sort of flows back into the way it was. I mean, that’s, that’s my guess, anyhow, I don’t I think you’re right, Blake, that it’s probably a lot of See ya from Facebook. But other than that, it’s, yeah, there’s the underlying fact that in most jurisdictions, you can’t sell person to person on the secondary market. So once they get their lawyers involved in telling them that I mean, that’s, that’s the road, they’re going to go down every single time. You know, your rules,


rules, we make exceptions to the rules, we enforce the rules, and we get paid on at each step of the way. I’m

honest about it.

It’s the greatest cycle there is in business.

Exactly right. Yeah. To get paid at every step

to I’ve wondered, too, is this going to push it more? Is there a lobbying effort? Maybe is this going to push it more toward like Kentucky’s vintage spirits law and is there a push to get it into those retailer hands so that you have some assurances against fakes if you’re buying it from a reputable vintage, you know, retailer,

that’s a great point, I actually had this conversation with a friend of mine who’s in the, is a really big seller. And I said, it’s going to be great for for us because no one knows where to go to get bottles. And you know, and then if you have if yours, if you’re a key person, and this in this chain, everybody’s going to remember you from those groups, or whatever. And you’re just going to call them and so you’re going to have, you’re going to have more, you know, more buyers from from that perspective. And I’ll also say like, I get probably five, five emails a day, and I’m not even kidding, five emails a day of just someone from someone finding something in their basement. And I try to always push them into the legal ways to to sell that. And nobody wants to do that. So that’s right. No One No one wants a record of the transaction. Everybody wants cash.

So just just low ball but keep the bottles here so

maybe that’s what you

all those emails to me, Fred put an automatic

inquiring about said ever you get him to? Great Basin him to all of us.

One of us, right?

Of course. Yeah. 100%. And then it’s like double what the secondary market is, like, was thinking maybe around $4,000 for Pappy 15?

Because it was their grandpa’s and their grandpa?

So it has additional meaning to them. It sounds about right game of Go


Yeah. Like the Nigerian prince all over again. So, you know,

while we’re talking about sort of what the next phase of this is, I mean, do you think if there’s any other platforms where something like this could live? Or is Facebook, the only one because if we roll back a few years, read it went through the same exact thing. And so Reddit kind of shut down their, their whole entire sales motion. And so when you look at the difference of what you see on Reddit versus what you see on Facebook, it’s too opposite worlds, right? It is definitely more conversation focused, review focused, everything like that, versus Facebook, which is buy sell trade, and then you’ve got a few groups that are kind of like news. You don’t really have a whole lot of people putting their tasting notes out there. But do you think if there’s anything else have,

I mean, at the end of the day, right? So both Reddit Facebook, at its core, at least for like the bsm and the Reddit, it’s just a V, it’s an old school, the Bolton board, that’s all it is. It’s just an old school forum, if someone just creates a forum, and yeah, it’s one more link, you have to go to a new moderator. That’s all it is. Right? Anyone I mean, literally anyone watching right now or listening later on, not and do this, you just got to get the masses to go there. But that’s literally That’s hard. That’s all we’re talking about Facebook, and not at all was just an only thing.

The winning ticket here is that there is a there’s a paywall to get into, you know, some kind of forum, you know, so you pay 50 bucks to be a member. And, you know, somebody takes on the liability of having the having the forum. And, and the it happens there, you know, and then it’s not public, you know, you have to you have to get there, you have high level privacy. things in there, you know, and, you know, I used to belong to a few of those in like author circles, and, you know, I’d be I’d be communicating with, you know, high level authors. And, and there was no, I wouldn’t be able to share that information. Of course, it’s the internet. So you always could do it, but I would be penalized strictly by the the agreement I signed to be a part of it. So I think there is a way to do this, and we can protect the people who want to enjoy this hobby. But I’ll go to the lawyer here in the ass. Is that possible? Could could we create some kind of

private forum where we get out 40,000

people in

there? What can you do? What can you do something like sports, but or gambling? Like, you know, but when I did used to gamble, I had a private website that I went to and yeah, back in the day

where you would going on? You

would, you know, you bet your and you’d have your bookie and you would meet him, you know, once a week to settle up. I mean, and it goes on, like all I mean, it still goes on. And so it seems like that could happen for some of these secondary markets also

means you have an intermediate intermediary

act like a I mean, it wouldn’t be legal obvious, right. But I mean, sports bookies and gamblers are getting away with it. Nobody’s cutting them down to shut it down.

Right. I think that’s a bigger market. Much bigger market.

Yeah. aliens. There. So here, yes. And then that’s why I’m not exactly sure. I haven’t figured out why there’s the focus on the whiskey market here. I mean, it’s sure we’ve got 50,000, or whatever it is members of these groups, but what’s that it’s a drop in the bucket. It shouldn’t really bother anyone. But when it comes down to it, it’s in most jurisdictions, you’re not supposed to do it. Fuck Facebook.

So it’s Facebook now in the same genre as vodka in the lounge, red manic, a lot of hatred. We need a sign behind you, Fred.

like Facebook right now, you know,

Facebook has its purpose, you know? I mean, I don’t know, I don’t know what that purpose is anymore. But whatever. So vodka, vodka has no purpose. Let’s just put it that way.

So to kind of wrap this up, one last question for Craig, what are you going to do with all your free time now? You know,

honestly, I was probably over the past few months have been one of the lesser active admins, but you know, it makes for you gotta do something while you’re sitting on the toilet. Right. So now I guess I have to go back to reading or

something like that.

Wait, wait, wait, did you

You did all that admitting while you were on the toilet?

I mean, what else? What else? You gonna do it? Right?

Well, they weren’t accepting donations. So you know, they weren’t getting paid for the job. So it’s, it’s out of the graciousness of their hearts that they were doing. So absolutely. So Craig, thank you so much for coming on tonight and kind of giving us a breakdown of sort of the the history of what it is and sort of the future of what we can expect from the the new bsm going forward. So, again, as of today, everything is still provisional. So wait until you hear from an admin on a forum to kind of see what the, the actual future will hold. But if own or anybody else wants to that on the admin team, they will post the email that Craig was talking about at the very beginning that we were alluded to as well, so they can see that this wasn’t just all smoke and mirrors. That was a real thrill threats happening. Alright.

Thanks, Greg. Appreciate it. Thanks, guys.

Yep, man.

So while we wait for Mariana to come on, you know, let’s let’s kind of switch it in a different direction. But let’s go ahead and kind of take it as I mentioned, we had a we had a listener sort of reached out to us and talked about it was actually Patrick Nall. He reached out, and we all have bourbon as a hobby. But the question is, is how can we ensure that we are not becoming an alcoholic in the process? It’s Kenny here and I want to tell you about an event that’s happening on Saturday, August 24. Because I want to see you in historic downtown Frankfort, Kentucky, at bourbon on the banks. It’s the Commonwealth premier bourbon tasting and awards festival. There’s live music and over 100 vendors of food, beer, wine, and of course, bourbon. But guess what even will be there in the bourbon pursuit booth. You can check out all the events including tastings with the master distillers that you’ve heard on the show before and the People’s Choice Award for the Best bourbon out there. You can get your all inclusive ticket for $65. Plus, you can join on the free Friday night event. Go and check it out bourbon on the banks.org and through June 30. You can get your discounted ticket offer two tickets for the low price of $110 when using the code be EOB 2019 during checkout at bourbon on the banks.org. You’ve probably heard of finishing beer using whiskey barrels but Michigan distillery is doing the opposite. They’re using beer barrels to finish their whiskey. New Holland spirits claims to be the first distillery to stout a whiskey. The folks at Rock house whiskey club heard that claim and had to visit the banks of Lake Michigan to check it out. It all began when New Holland brewing Washington 97 there Dragon’s milk beer is America’s number one selling bourbon barrel aged out. In 2005. They apply their expertise from brewing and began distilling a beer barrel finished whiskey began production 2012 and rock house was the club is featuring it in their next box. The barrels come from Tennessee get filled a dragon’s milk we are twice the mature bourbon is finished in those very same barrels. Rocco’s whiskey club is a whiskey the Month Club on a mission to uncover the best flavors and stories from craft distillers across the US. Along with two bottles of hard to find whiskey rack houses boxes are full of cool merchandise that they ship out every two months to members in over 40 states. Go to rock house whiskey club com to check it out. And try a bottle of beer barrel bourbon and beer barrel rye use code pursuit for $25 off your first box. The question is is how can we ensure that we are not becoming an alcoholic in the process? So is there something that you do to kind of curb that? Or do you just look at it like Mama, I’m a very high functioning alcoholic.

What was the wasn’t Jimmy Kimmel who’s the other late night guy, I’m sure anyways, he had a thing it was like, Thank you craft beer for making my alcoholism looking like a fun new hobby. And, you know, it can kind of morph into that. So it is a really a kind of a sad reality of it is you don’t want that to ever be a problem for someone who you’re enjoying a hobby with. And then all of a sudden, that’s an issue. So for me, it’s just like taking, you know, whether it’s a week, few days, you know, some even go month off of drinking, I think that’s really if you figure out if that and that dependence is there, and it’s no longer fun, and you’re just drinking to drink. So I think that’s important to take time off every now and then.

So I think I’m know, I’m the only one here that does it full time. Right? Jordan Are you full time yet?


This is like I know, Kenny, you’d said, this is the hobby, this is actually what I do for my living and have done so for more than a decade. And, you know, when I came, I, you know, I’ll share something very personal, you know, I, I have PTSD for my time. And in Iraq. And I have been, I’ve been fighting that for, you know, since I’ve been home. And in that process, I went through a lot, you know, in my recovery, I went through a lot of therapy. And one of the things that I picked up was was mindfulness. And that and that is one of one of the reasons why bourbon really, why I think I really focused on on tasting was because mindfulness was basically a way for me to ground myself of something else. And you would have to think entirely about whatever it is you were doing, whether you were like you were in a year and a moment you’re trying to visualize and feel everything in that moment. For me, I would visualize and feel everything on my palate. And, and when I am not able to taste something, I put the I put it down like in in oftentimes, you know, I won’t, I won’t be mindful of what day it is. And I’ll be like, on a, on a anniversary date of something that happened, it could be you know, it could be, you know, the day that, you know, I saw someone get killed, it could be the day I almost got killed, it can be something like that. But there there are, there are things that in us that we don’t always know. But we we automatically get into, you know, bad moods, and so everybody will have something that can give them a sign for when they get themselves in a problem drinking situation. And for me, it’s tasting, and it’s in particular of like, where on my palate, I taste something. So I would challenge anyone who wants to, you know, explore this for themselves, I would say analyze the moments that you’ve had, you know, you may have had too much and you did something that you shouldn’t have, or you just went too far, I would say analyze, you know what you felt like going into that situation, and see if you can stop yourself from going in that situation again. And so that’s just one thing that I do, I also try to like not have, you know, there’s tasting, and then there’s drinking, my tasting is like analytical, I keep it very, you know, smell it, analyze it, taste it, spit, you know, drinking. And this is, you know, where I can get myself into a little bit of like, you know, having more than two is if I’m watching justified if I’m watching something that I’m really into. And I’m just into that moment, or if I’m reading a book that I’m really into, and I just keep like, you know, pouring, you know, and then I’m suddenly I’ve got four, you know, so like, it’s being mindful of that as well. It’s like knowing when you want knowing when you need to stop. And always, always, always have a plan to get home. That’s the most one of the most important parts do not get in the car if you’ve been drinking. And most importantly, the distilled spirits Council has a has a sheet for what is moderating moderation and drinking. And I really try to follow that. And you know, men can drink more than women. But there is there is a an amount and I think turns out to be something like 15 drinks a week for four men. Those are

fantastic. points. Fred, thanks for sharing. And I think I think to add on to that, right? You touched on a little bit in there. I think everyone’s different. Right? So if you feel, you know, to some people to drinks, they’ll be they’ll be drunk, right? Everyone’s body is different. So if you feel that you’re drinking all the time, or getting drunk all the time, just because you’re only having two, three drinks the night right? When you see other people having 910, 15, whatever, right? That doesn’t mean you know, it’s okay to justify it. So you’ll know your own limits. And don’t compare yourself against anyone else. Right? That’s the best way of doing it. You know what’s right for you? Right? And you know, what’s going to be too much. And you’re going to know, it’s just right. And everyone finds that point sometime in life and just kind of be as friends and mindful of it. But don’t don’t compare yourself and say, Well, you know, I see everyone else on Facebook drinking. I don’t know, eight doubles tonight, right? I only drink four. I’m okay force too much for you. It’s too much for you if that that’s what you got to keep in mind. Right? Everyone has their own personal limit. And you do have to, as Fred said, just being mindful of that. And that’s one of the keys things to do too.

Did you find that limit when you’re selecting a bottle or a barrel a pin hook this past week? Well, we will thankfully

told people about this first. So me. Yeah, so really quick. So me and Nick went down along with Ryan to select a bottle for break room and single barrel club from Pinnacle. They’re looking to Castle on key. So they propose a crazy cool, but kind of crazy, this experience where we worked with their, you know, their master taster that they work with the castle on key to narrow down. They pulled a lot of 40 little over 40 barrels for us. And these are the barrels designated for the single barrel program. And so I’m just going through like three or four, we went through all of them, we drank all the Bourbons. So they did prove them down to 5060 proof, right? And it was a lot of smelling a lot of sensory stuff. Tons of sensory stuff, lots of spitting. So the amount of actual bourbon we drink at the end of the day, what would you say, right? We drink even like two ounces of bourbon.

If that if that. And yes, I was spitting, I was falling. It was only like two or three ounces in that plastic cup by the new day. And it was a 40% or 52. But yeah, that was like Fred said it was very analytical. Very, you know, we were thoughtful, we were very focused on what we’re doing. Like we weren’t there just to like, sloshing back. And our motive wasn’t to go get slammer or whatever. But mean, I think you just have to know, like Fred talked about, I’m big in mindfulness awareness, like I have ADHD. And I know like, when my mind can kind of take over and send me places. And then when I’ve had too much, I just my body can tell me like, all right, you need to settle down for a few days, and you gotta listen to your body when you start to, like, ignore that. And you start to like, drink to fight off the the night before, you know, chasing the hair of the dog, you know, that’s when I think you’re like really going down a slippery slope. And I’ve had, I’ve had those days, you know, you go on a bachelor party, or you’re a lake weekend or a golf weekend, and you’re you’re there to party for two or three days. And then like, All right, I’m done for like three or four days, you know, just to clear it up. And then when you can’t recognize that I think that’s when you definitely need to, to seek some help and find some because there’s definitely some issues there.

Yeah, I don’t know the answer. Certainly. But Fred, thank you for your your openness on that. I think that’s, that will help a lot of people. Listen, running today and in the other comments about just knowing yourself and knowing when it’s time to take a break. So I think that’s I really appreciate those

personally. Alright, so that kind of sparked a topic and kind of went down a crazy little hope we hope we can come back out of this and raise spirits, I guess if you can a little bit. But this is really coming because there was an article on CNN this past week and talked about how investors are looking at alternatives to bars. And there’s a maybe it’s like a Brooklyn thing like I don’t know, where there’s these sober bars that are kind of coming up, right, the people are making these craft mock tales, and they still cost you 1012 bucks apiece. But do you see this is like a like a catching on thing? Or do you see this is a

just a fad

for so last year, last year, it tells you the cocktail the world, you know, most important largest, you know bar conference, they had a party, lamb grant through a party where there was no alcohol, like the opening party had no alcohol. So this is like a really a really real trend. And they’re they’re trying to chase 23 year olds don’t drink.

So let’s just go ahead, and we’ll let Mary Ann’s joined us. So we’ll, we’ll kind of wrap up this topic really quick. So Mary, and we’re talking about sober bars if they are actually going to become a thing. So Fred, I’ll let you finish up your thought and then will will lead on over to Mary and then

yeah, the the growth of of like the silver bars and this trend of like, just eliminate drinking. It falls in line with all these efforts to legalize alcohol advertising. And these fraudulent studies that are coming out from a publication called Lancet that is extrapolating minute to minute amounts of data and basically saying, you know, all alcohol causes all kinds of cancers. And so we’re having, we’re having this basically this frantic health scare. That is it, in my opinion, is fraudulent. And the industry cannot fight it. Like they’re losing everywhere they turn. Because you know, there’s a new study every week that tells you you’re going to get cancer, if you drink alcohol. And the sad part is is every one of those damn studies almost they almost always get recanted. But the fact is that it gets on USA Today wants its air forever.

Sounds round up. And what I deal with on a day to day basis

doesn’t cause cancer.

It causes it in California, but not exactly.

If you think about it, though, there’s there’s other studies that come out that says, oh, a glass of wine a day or glass of whiskey a day, whatever it is, and then you’re going to live to 90, you know, these are and anybody that I Google’s it, I think there was a TED talk or something like that, where somebody actually made a fake scientific research study and it got published in like PR news and like all or Newswire and all this kind of crazy stuff. So it was basically a study this be actually show like how false the sort of scientific studies are that that get really blown out of proportion. So it sounds like there’s a there’s a lobbyist group that’s really pushing towards this for to make something like this a reality.

Yeah, for sure.

Anybody else have any other comments or thoughts on that before we change directions?

My only thought is that article that you sent us Kenny the the description of one of those drinks was so god awful that that should kill it in its crack. So I wrote it down and acidic beverage made from vinegar, fruit sugar, and club soda. I mean, that should kill the lemon right there.

probably use that. You could probably use that for round up. What

was it? Mix it up, right?

What’s the cocktail mix made out of apple cider vinegar? It’s um, where they do the fruit and the apple cider vinegar shrub. Yeah, I mean, it’s basically a non alcoholic syrup, isn’t it? I could be wrong.


I’m not a bartender.

was the worst thing I’ve ever done in the kitchen. I can buy these from now on.

Definitely taste better than they smell.

Yes. Yes. Yeah.

I was like, I’ll use vinegar on like, you know, reheating like pork butts and stuff like that. We don’t we do. We smoked smoked barbecue, stuff like that, but haven’t really done a whole lot in the cocktails. that’s a that’s a whole new that for me. That’s a hard pass. So with that, let’s go ahead and bring on our next guest. So you heard her already. She’s been on the podcast before. I think it was like Episode 16. Like way, way back in the day.

When we we were not very good. We we still suck but I think we’re

less sucky now. Marianne, welcome back to the show.

Thank you so much candy as a pleasure.

Yeah. So you know, we love to have you on I know, Fred. Fred kind of thinks of you like, like a little sister sometimes. You know, he feels like,

like you all went shopping together?

Yeah. You know, Sir Paul.

But we kind of want to have you on and kind of talk about, you know, what’s new with you? You know, it’s not I mean, I think you you made national headlines, right? I mean, it was everywhere the of the separation between you and castle and key. So So kind of talk a little bit about it, and sort of what’s on the horizon for you, too.

Yeah, I, I am really proud of of everything that I’ve built. And we achieved it at Castle and key. But what I’ve learned about myself is that I really love making things and building things. And you know, kind of all my startup energy was used in in castle and key to get them where they are. And I’m ready to try some new things. I’ve been wanting to get into some different spirit categories. Not that I’m going to leave bourbon, and not not permanently anyway. But I want to get some experience in mezcal and rum and we’ll see where where life goes from there.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think for a lot of us, you know, we were we were all kind of shocked to see the news because we were you had been really the face of the brand for so long. I don’t think there was a day that we didn’t see on Instagram with you at the distillery or seeing the the gardens or something like that. So you know, definitely we wish them the best of luck and everything that they’re doing, and you as well, but kind of kind of talk I know you kind of took a little bit of a break to I you went out west for a few days to kind of regroup.

Yeah, I knew it was going to be big news when when that press release went out. So I just went ahead and made the executive decision that being in a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. And my my aunt’s treehouse, my dad’s cousin would would be a good idea. So yeah, I took a few days off and spend some time in winter and getting ready to take a little bit more time off down in Florida right now. And I’ll be heading back out west next month. So yeah, some some exploration and travels coming up just to regroup a little bit before I figure out what’s next.

It’s kind of talk, you know, I’ve been in a situation to where we’re looking for for new gigs right away, and you kind of need that time away. But what was the response like from other companies or anything like that, where they was like, Oh, crap, she’s on the market. We gotta grab it real quick. I mean, did you have any of those conversations pop up?

Yeah, I had lots of people reaching out to me through the website, you know, some folks just looking to pick my brain for consulting type work. others that were like our Yeah, we’ve got a brand or we’re starting something. And we wanted to know if you were interested in being our master distiller, but I’m not really interested in just getting another job. The consulting part is really interesting to me, I think, you know, my, my expertise in developing products and helping to design processes is something that a lot of folks more so maybe outside of Kentucky could benefit from, you know, learning the authentic Kentucky way of making spirits. But yeah, I really just want to get back into the gears and challenge myself and maybe, you know, learn learn some new things.

Your opportunity like in other spirits, like as, I wouldn’t say, bourbon stagnant for your like, you know, because it’s kind of the same thing. Like, there’s not much variance or variation you can kind of do with that like, like with mezcal or other spirits. Does that kind of get more creative with?

I am. I’m just totally convinced that we’re not done innovating and bourbon yet, but it just seems like every new thing is kind of a thing, an iteration of something that’s already been done. Yep. So I think there’s, there’s a whole new genre of innovation out there that nobody’s tapped into yet. And what it is is inspiration from other spirits, you know, and I have yet to learn everything I need to actually execute that but I think there’s there’s lots of interesting spirits and lots of unique ways that they create flavor that we can bring back and even though you know, it’s this certain set of regulations that make bourbon what it is there’s there’s there’s more to play with.

Right? And it’s not like the bourbon consumers are so open to new ideas, you know,

with a product offer friendly, so welcoming.

Sure, our I was like, that’s been the bread and butter for a while. So it’s, I mean, if you’ve been trained in that area, or is that something that you’re just you’re looking to explore

in what area Miss cows and

other things?

Yeah, not Not really. I mean, I worked for brown Forman, which is a global spirits company. It’s not just whiskey. Although I did focus a lot on whiskey. I I spent a lot of time in Mexico and out in California making wine they sent me to Belgium to do a few local projects. I I made vodka for them.

Along with Fred just lost Fred

he didn’t spit it out.

He was just being kind.

did say I did right after I did taste it. I did ask you straight I was like, What are you doing? Why do you Why do you drinking vodka?


yeah, it’s a shame that that was the first thing that you tasted that I’ve made from scratch. Yeah.

Music is there anything to drink up here? Like we’re gonna go to the warehouse next but you got this clear stuff that but

now you seem to have a real passion for gin. And like, you know, we hung out you know the other day and you know, we were you know, having some a lot of different a lot of different gin cocktails. What’s your What’s your favorite style? adyen there’s a lot out there. Geez, it like gin is a almost infinite world of ways that you can change the flavor. I think that’s the thing that’s so interesting about it is you can do almost anything.

my palate, you know, as a bourbon distiller kind of leans towards something that’s more balanced. So a London dry. That’s like super Juniper forward is not where I tend to gravitate. So like a botanical, more modern botanical style, but doing really unique things. Like I think that the castle in Cajun, well, nothing is super crazier off the wall. It’s unique in the way that it’s crafted. And that’s not my favorite word ever, but just the thoughtfulness of the ingredients and how they’re integrated together.

Yeah, absolutely. Since you were talking about consulting earlier, David Jennings of Robert when no one wanted to ask, because you had missed the earlier half of this conversation, if you wanted to start consulting on helping direct the the new urban secondary markets and it’s now going under.

I don’t know how I can help.

Secondary. Did you ever did you ever buy anything? You ever buy any old bottles on a secondary market?

No. I tried to barter for a couple but never actually got any bites on that. Give me a great VIP tour.

I remember I

remember like, like, this was a long time ago. You were was when you were with Woodford maybe 2013 2014

It was a long time ago. But you were you did bring up like some kind of you know interaction with you and with you and Chris for a bottle. Is that what you’re talking about when you were trying to like have a An Evening with with Chris Morris for a bottle that ring a bell? or using one of those bourbon secondary markets? And and you were trying to get people to come to a Chris Morris event?

Is it was it the the old president’s choice?

She’s the one she she brought up.

Yeah, here remember that? No, this was actually a castle. You know, a lot of folks would have those old castle decanters. Like, like, I’d never seen one before. You know,

for however many hundreds of dollars.

I don’t really want to give you money. But if you like to come out and take a tour, Hillary, we can probably work something out.

And everybody always wants money. Mary.

I understand.

So last question. Miriam. Before we we ask one more question, then we’ll kind of round this out. So for you, I know you talked about wanting to do consulting but kind of picture dream job. So here, would you like to start at something smaller and help build that up? Kind of like a you know, Catholic? He was kind of big? Let’s be honest. That’s a pretty massive place.

Looking at perfect size, perfect size? Yeah, we definitely need

it or would you rather go to a large corporation? You know, if it would be the heaven hills, it would be the Maker’s Mark of the world, whatever it is? Or would you just like to just keep doing the consulting and bouncing around and, you know, Mark night, he please put me putting you in some tough shoes to fill here and said, Marian, could be the next day pickrell with a question mark.

I what, I definitely think that his passing lifted a gap in the market. So as much opportunity is this comes from that I would be grateful for I’ve had lots of various brands reach out. I think, you know, I’m just gonna leave myself open to the universe and see what what happens. And I don’t want to say for sure, you know, and I

will or won’t, you know, build my own someday, I think then

I would love to be involved with with people who are passionate and want to make good stuff. And if they turn into large brands, that’s cool. If they want to keep them small and boutique, that that’s fine, too.

Sorry. And just to have it on the record, this means you’re open to pursuit spirits

whatever you were saying earlier will make it happen.

Marianne, I’ll say like, you know,

I I’ve talked about you know, many times often in defense of abuse, sadly, you know, when people bring up you know, the master distiller role and everything, and, and I just don’t tell you, you know, you can do anything, you know, you’re, you have, you have incredible you have incredible, you know, smarts for this business, you haven’t you have an ability to market, you know, for marketing and everything as well. And that’s rare. And, you know, when you came out and chose to take the title of master distiller, you became a hero for a lot of young women. And there were there were women in their 50s who looked up to you after that, and, and I know that you had a lot of, I’m sorry, there’s there’s a chat going on in our in our group. Our, our, we’ve been, we’ve been banned, you’ve been named, but you you can marry and you could do anything. So whatever. Whatever it is. You want to put your mind to you know, I hope it’s I hope it’s bourbon. I hope you do stay on bourbon. I think you have a talent here.

For God’s sake, stay away from vodka don’t

don’t take your talents

to god yeah.

Word of word in your in your opening statement was flavor. Yeah, just remember that let that be the driver dreams.

And always that cordial Fred

should go with a flavored vodka is

you guys are horrible.

So that was a good way to sort of wrap this up. But I do have because we always end up having way more comp topics to talk about. And I kind of want to do this one real quickly. Also, to kind of trail on what Fred said. There was somebody that spammed our chat going on it was sexy, triple x asking to people to click on links for cheeseburgers and booze.

And it’s like is Jordan Jordan Jordan put in here like maybe we should have her on next time?

seem cool. cheese burgers, like the link unfortunately.

I was so confused when that pop up because I wasn’t following the chat. And I’m like what? Who’s sexy?

Why am I not in the chat right now?

I was doing my best not to lose it.

So speaking of cheeseburgers and booze here this was a question that Fred had put out on Twitter this past week and would you drink a marijuana infused bourbon? Go ahead. What do you think

only if it had real weed in it?

Yeah cuz let’s let’s before there was a lot of back and forth before like

of like it just

they put THC in know, like, we’re

putting like the real deal in here. Like we’re not doing this whole like you know, hemp bullcrap. Whatever it is, like let’s go let’s go all in here. And also people are going there they’re kind of pissed because they’re like it’s not bourbon then if it’s infused like we get it Okay, like like we know it’s new category people just want to they really got a harp on it. But I guess the question is, is reefer bourbon Are you in or out?

So if anyone’s had sharp Bay Have you already had it?

is using hops the

man I don’t know, man. Margot. He’s dropped a little ganja up.

There might be a little bit more than hot. Yeah.

Yeah. If it gives the same effect. Yes. I’m all in. Thank you.

Please. Somebody said yes. Because I say yes. Yeah. You know,

I’ll go the hybrid route. Okay,

since I haven’t added there’s a there’s a bar in New York you asked for a dragon and he get it.

So okay. All right. You wanna you want to drop with the name is in the chat there so we can tell the whole world

now I forgot it is, you know, test out your night and start asking for the dragon around New York.

Every bar in New York.

But you may find the right spots.

Sounds really exciting.

Okay, so it sounds like Marion’s in I’m

working on it.

Right. And I’m so my wheels are turning with like the product development side. Like, how would we infuse the marijuana into bourbon? I think there are lots of ways

to do it, like in our basement like yeah.

Oh, yeah, I would think so.

So one of the big things is about the alcohol and marijuana get into the bloodstream differently. You know, the one of the big reasons why constellation invested $4 billion into the cannabis industry with so they could create a research research and development industry to find out how cannabis would get in your system quicker. And so they’re going to be creating the formula that pairs like the the same absorption rate of cannabis or the same resort rain is alcohol to cannabis. They’re they’re basically probably going to fuse those two, and I will

get involved.

All right, well, it sounds like everybody else here is going to plead the fifth on answering that one

damn warriors. Yeah, I know.

Everybody’s got their career.

I’ll take out my ears, and you guys can say it.

Alright, so with that, let’s go ahead and wrap it up. So Marianne, thank you so much for coming on. And joining us tonight, just for a short while,

join. And I appreciate you having me on.

Absolutely. We’d love to have you on again and talk more about you know, marijuana and the distillation. I think you’re gonna blow some minds there. Yeah. No, thank you again, for coming on and kind of give us an idea of, you know, what’s next for you and everything like that, you know, we’re always happy to have you on the show. You’re a good friend of it. And we all you know, we wish you the best of luck as well. And I’m sure this is not gonna be the last time we talked to you. It’s gonna be relatively soon. So thank you again for coming on. So, Ryan, Fred, another good show. But I want to pass it around to the table for everybody to kind of speak in the marijuana and bourbon discussion next week episode. It’s all about marijuana and bourbon. Oh

yeah, I forgot. I should have teed that up a little.

So with that, Blake go ahead and kind of round it out.

Yeah, so I’m Blake from bourbon or calm and also CEO box calm. cb bourbon or Instagram Facebook, Twitter. All the above so far, we’re not a site affected by the great shut down. Facebook 2019. And then CEO box calm se lb a ch. s get all your craft spirits. You still have let’s see what two hours left to order with free shipping. If you use Father’s Day as the promo code so get your data gift. Get your day a gift by far the biggest plug I’ve given so far. So so you know if you’re listening to it on the actual podcast on Thursday, sorry, you’re out of luck, but if you’re alive tonight.


but thanks for me on as always, Brian.

All right. Thanks. This is Brian was sipping corn I’m on all the social medias at sippin corn. I want to give one shout out if I can to TJ Thompson of TJ Woodworks. I’m drinking now in 1973 old Overholt that he sent to me and I’m just I’m shocked at what was a standard bourbon in the seven days is is lightyears ahead of a lot of bourbon that’s coming out now. So TJ, call me if you haven’t given me a call. But thanks everyone on the Round Table thanks Marianne. It’s it’s always great to be on this

thread. You’re going to get five emails tomorrow you can let them have a boat

that’s fair.

Sure, this is Jordan one of the three guys from breaking bourbon breaking bourbon com all the socials and patreon at breaking bourbon as always a fun time looking forward to our next round table hopefully sexy xx they’ll be honest some cheeseburgers.


Awesome. So again, thank you everybody for joining us as well always follow bourbon pursuit on all the socials plus patreon.com slash bourbon pursuit. So with that, fellas, everyone and Marian, thank you so much for coming on tonight. This is a pleasure and we’ll see everybody next week. Peace. Cheers.


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