188 – Supreme Court Fueling the Bourbon Boom on Bourbon Community Roundtable #29

Will the U.S Supreme Court completely change alcohol sales across the country? The case of The Ketchum Family and Total Wine vs the State of Tennessee could bring interstate commerce parity and break down all the shipping law restrictions. The Roundtable’s legal counsel of Sipp’n Corn explains it in laymen terms while we discuss the opportunity this could present to retailers like Amazon. We keep the legal discussion going with KY House Bill 200 that would allow distilleries to have releases that don’t go to retail stores. Then we wrap it up with a hypothetical question of what would you do if you are creating your own whiskey label?

Show Notes:

  • The week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about new bourbon drinkers.
  • Total Wine vs State of TN in the Supreme Court and what that means for nationwide shipping.
  • House Bill 200 in KY is pushing for distilleries to have something unique that doesn’t make its way to distribution. Does it actually compete with liquor stores?
  • Say you are creating your own whiskey label. Do you create something new or do you try to revive an old defunct brand?
  • Thanks to Bourbonr.com, BreakingBourbon.com, Sippncorn.com, and TheBourbonBabe.com for joining the roundtable.

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