187 – Whiskey Smackdown with WWE Superstar Aiden English

Matt Rehwoldt, or better known as WWE Superstar Aiden English, is finding a passion in bourbon with WrestlingWithWhiskey Instagram and YouTube series. Matt was in town for a live event so we took the opportunity to invite him over to talk about wrestling and whiskey. We discuss a his career, personal life, and of course, when bourbon became an obsession. His traveling schedule has turned him into a national bourbon hunter and he’s got some stories to tell.

Show Notes:

  • Find Bourbon Pursuit on Pandora
  • Learn more about Pursuit Series
  • Derby Museum Legends Series
  • Bourbon Pursuit presenting at The Louisville Bourbon Society on 3/18
  • The week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about limited edition whiskey advertising.
  • How did you get into whiskey?
  • Is Wrestling with Whiskey the real you?
  • Have your trips turned into adventures with side stops for Bourbon hunting?
  • Have you connected with a store yet and built those relationships?
  • Talk about how you got into wrestling.
  • What demographic is the WWE fan base?
  • South Park did a spoof of wrestling. Talk about the state of wrestling and how it’s perceived as choreography.
  • Tell us about your wife.
  • Were you nervous when you married into the top wrestling tree?
  • What’s your persona in the ring?
  • Have you ever thought about changing your persona?
  • Is WWE against alcohol being portrayed?
  • How have you been received on social media when sharing posts about wrestling and bourbon?
  • Have you ever been stalked?
  • Are you using Instagram to connect with fans and let them see the real you behind the scenes?

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