180 – 2018 Whiskey of the Year and 2019 Predictions on Bourbon Community Roundtable #27

It’s one of our favorite episodes of the year. The Roundtable takes a look back at Bourbon in 2018 and our picks for Whiskey of the Year. We then kick off the second half of the show with our predictions for 2019 about expansions, acquisitions, price increases, and lots more…including our favorite 90s and 2000s rap artists.
Show Notes:
  • This weeks Above the Char with Fred Minnick has him answering random questions off twitter.
  • 2018 Year in Review
  • What was your whiskey of the year
  • What is your greatest accomplishment of 2018?
  • Vintage Spirits Law came into effect in KY
  • We picked our first barrel together
  • Longbranch made it’s Wild Turkey debut
  • Brian won a case with Castle & Key against Sazerac over the Old Taylor distillery name
  • 2019 Predictions
  • Banned Crotchshots in Bourbonr and now he’s looking for the next great suggestion to improve the group for 2019
  • Lots of year end expansions being announced in 2018. Do we expect more in 2019?
  • Will prices continue to grow? Four Roses Private Barrel program increase starts Jan 1.
  • Henry McKenna won SF Spirits comp in 2018. Will the Henry McKenna fad pass in 2019?
  • Denny Potter left Heaven Hill for Maker’s Mark in 2018. Will Heaven Hill find a new Master Distiller? Is there an issue if they don’t find one in a timely fashion?
  • Then we finish talking about 90s and 2000s rap icons

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