179 – Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, Sox, and Bourbon with ESPN Chicago Radio Host Carmen DeFalco

What do the Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, Sox, and Bourbon have in common? That’s life for Carmen DeFalco, ESPN Chicago Radio host of Carmen and Jurko. Carmen and Kenny were introduced over twitter and through Carmen’s tweet storm of local sports, he has a following of people that want to know more about bourbon. Carmen joins the show to talk about his Chicago hunting tales and when he breaks open big bottles for Stanley Cup victories.

Show Notes:

  • We had some trouble getting started and we now see our kids can navigate technology better
  • Talk about your radio show, Carmen and Jurko on ESPN Radio Chicago. http://www.espn.com/espnradio/podcast/archive/_/id/3095452
  • What’s your bourbon story?
  • Your Dad was in the wholesale business. Did that have a big influence?
  • Were your friends at 21 making fun of you for being a whiskey drinker?
  • Has it flipped where people now go to your house and rummage through your whiskey collection?
  • Are you more of a Binny’s person or do you have your hole in the walls?
  • How long have you been going through the cycle of traveling and hunting?
  • Maker’s Mark is like a gateway into this world. What was next for you?
  • Can you remember any of those resources you used when you started learning more about bourbon?
  • How much do you talk about bourbon on the air?
  • What’s really becoming more hard to find?
  • Do you ever drink on air?
  • Do you have a particular whiskey to align with what sport your watching?
  • Now that you have had some older vintages you could use those as trading for better values
  • Do you get chastised for not being a cubs fan?
  • Bourbon and Bacon Fundraiser Event – https://chicagobourbonandbacon.eventscff.org/
  • Follow Carmen on Twitter – https://twitter.com/carmendefalco

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