177 – Palate Training and Whiskey Row History with Jackie Zykan, Master Taster at Old Forester

The Whiskey Row series of Old Forester represent pivotal dates in history for the brand. Deciding how to make them coincide with flavor profiles takes a Master Taster. Jackie Zykan returns to the show as we discuss sensory training and how to sniff out binders at our local stores before diving into the Whiskey Row series and trying 1910 Old Fine Whiskey. We wrap up the show talking about President’s Choice and if dusties inspire or not.

Show Notes:

  • Do you have a new title now?
  • Talk about the sensory training
  • What’s different about going through this process versus just drinking bourbon everyday?
  • What tips can you give to someone about learning to nose?
  • How do you know when a barrel ready to be pulled?
  • How much time are you spending at the distillery vs bottling vs anywhere else for tasting?
  • Talk about why you dilute so low for tasting?
  • So you have this really cool story about Old Forester 86 and 100 history
  • Talk about the Whiskey Row series
  • The dates all mean something
  • What was the idea to make permanent line extensions instead of doing the money grab on limited releases?
  • So in a time when people say there is a bourbon shortage, what’s your response to that?
  • Talk about 1910 and what happened that year
  • Do you pay attention to the Facebook and bourbon forums out there?
  • Why not have a 2014 series to commemorate the new distillery?
  • Talk about President’s Choice and your integral part in it
  • What’s your ideal bourbon profile?
  • What’s the oldest Brown-Forman product you’ve tried?

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