160 – Kentucky Owl: The Growth, Passion, and… Theme Park? with Dixon Dedman

Kentucky Owl has amassed a cult following. It hit the market in 2014 but didn’t gain nationwide sensation until recently. Dixon Dedman joins the show to talk about the Stoli investment, huge rye releases, and what’s in store for Batch 8 this fall. Listen as we talk about burnout as Dixon continues bussing tables and making fried chicken at the Beaumont Inn while building a brand.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick discusses responsible drinking and taxation.
  • Can you give a refresher of Kentucky Owl and Beaumont Inn?
  • Are you getting to the point of burnout?
  • How much time are you putting into Kentucky Owl?
  • What has changed with Kentucky Owl in the past 2 years?
  • Were you looking for investors or being sought out?
  • Why did you choose Stoli over others?
  • Was the goal to really get this big?
  • Have you caught yourself saying you want to do Kentucky Owl full time?
  • Talk a bit about the blends and batches
  • What is the ultimate goal in how you can take something and scale it for blending?
  • Why have different batches and not have something consistent?
  • Give everyone a refresher on the bourbon process for re-barreling
  • How long are you re-aging?
  • How often are you putting out new batches?
  • What are we doing different with Batch 8 vs Batch 7?
  • Why start the Rye release?
  • Do you want the bourbon to become as big as the rye release?
  • How many bottles were in the Rye release?
  • Are you putting more emphasis on the bourbon rather than the rye?
  • Talk about the investment from Stoli and what’s going to happen with the theme park
  • Talk about your epic samplings at Beaumont Inn on Instagram
  • All Kentucky Owl Podcasts

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