159 – Looking to the Horizon and What’s Next with Ed Bley

Everyone has some news to share this week. We welcome, Fred Minnick, as a new co-host to the show and kick off a new segment called “Above the Char”. Ed Bley, multi-appearance guest on the show, has some news to share as well. Can you guess what it is? What’s going to happen to Old Baldy? What’s on the horizon for everyone? Enjoy this week’s episode!

Show Notes:

  • This week’s “Above the Char” with Fred Minnick discusses cigar barrels or cigar blends
  • Ed is leaving Cork N Bottle and opening a distillery
  • What’s the name of it?
  • What happens after barreling?
  • Are you going to be distilling or just sourcing?
  • Focus on filtration and proofing
  • Did you find your great great grandpappys old recipe?
  • How did you feel Cork N Bottle groomed you for this?
  • Elephant in the room… what’s happening with Old Baldy?
  • Narrow it down, what does it mean that your focus will be on filtration techniques
  • Have you talked to other master distillers about advice on this adventure?
  • Are you hiring?
  • What’s the meaning behind the name?
  • Is there something that was the climatic moment?
  • Do you have a legit fear that it could flop?
  • In the scotch world, blending of other distilleries is common, but why now for bourbon?
  • Have you taken on investors or are you bootstrapped?
  • What’s the vision of the site if it’s not a distillery?
  • Is there a timeline for having a release?
  • How do you think your loyal Cork N Bottle customers feel?
  • Ed, what do you have planned for bourbon and rum blends?
  • Do you plan on changing your instagram account name?

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