146 – The Unheard History of Maker’s Mark with Bill Samuels Jr, Chairman Emeritus

Maker’s Mark is easily the most iconic brand in bourbon. But did you know the brand would have probably ceased to exist if Bill Samuels Jr didn’t try and sell his Dad’s whiskey? Get ready to hear the untold history of how Bill Samuels Jr turned his Dad’s hobby of making whiskey from a few barrels a week into the powerhouse it is today.

Show Notes:

  • So Bill let’s start from the beginning.
  • Did you and your Dad butt heads a lot?
  • What was your Dad’s original vision?
  • What was the original investment?
  • At what point was your Dad “All in”?
  • How were the hard decisions made?
  • Talk about the next stage for you and what you were doing with Aerospace?
  • Why did you Dad want you to be “un-engineered”?
  • You were a summer intern in the White House?
  • What was it during that 1 year with your Dad that made you want to stay around?
  • Where did you fit in this puzzle?
  • You had your first publication in the Wall Street Journal, what’s next?
  • At what point did you start taking over after your father began exiting?
  • Talk about the growth when Rob started coming into the scene
  • Do you get a feeling of accomplishment when you look at the distillery now?
  • What’s your idea of still being involved and enjoying retirement?
  • So 46 was your baby
  • Where is this industry trending?
  • Talk about strategic pricing with supply and demand
  • Do you see a reason why bourbon couldn’t be $1000 a bottle?
  • What niche do you think craft whiskey is solving in the market today?
  • Is there a way they can have continued success?
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