118 – All Bad News. Murray Names EH Taylor Four Grain is Whiskey of The Year, Media Samples of Secondary Markets, and No More Eagle Rare Picks on Bourbon Community Roundtable #13

Recent whiskey news has really been depressing. There hasn’t been much good that’s come of it so the roundtable spends an hour and complains. We hit on everything from the sadness that is EH Taylor Four Grain being named Whiskey of the Year to the depressing news of no more Eagle Rare store picks in 2018. Read more sorrowing news we talk about in the show notes below

Show Notes:

  • Whiskey Of The Year according to Jim Murray is the EH Taylor Four Grain
  • Did anyone actually like it?
  • Is this a ploy to sell more books?
  • How is this going to effect next year’s release?
  • There is a new Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection
  • Kerry isn’t a fan but Eric does like it. They discuss
  • David J Montgomery from Professor Cocktail is a moron. He tried selling his BTAC samples on the Secondary Market. Will Buffalo Trace change their sample distribution process now?
  • Do relationships matter when you live in a control state?
  • There will be no Eagle Rare store picks in 2018. Kerry explains.
  • What are UofL fans going to do now with their Pitino and Jurich Maker’s bottles?

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