115 – More Bourbon Trivia with Freddie Johnson of Buffalo Trace

Freddie Johnson has a long resume. Previous guest on episode 59, 3rd Generation Employee at Buffalo Trace, and Tour Guide Extraordinaire. He joins to talk about Bourbon Pompeii, who was Thomas H Handy (THH) and other tidbits of random knowledge you only get from Freddie.

Show Notes:

  • What’s been going on since the last time we talked?
  • You haven’t been getting a bigger head by reading all those 5 star TripAdvisor reviews have you?
  • Lets give everyone a little refresher about you and your family history at BT
  • So who’s going to continue the family tradition and be the 4th generation?
  • What are the ABCs of bourbon?
  • What is the origin of “the shot”?
  • Who was Thomas H. Handy?
  • Alright, this Bourbon Pompei, lets talk about it.
  • For some other geeks out there besides whisky geeks, you also took part in a new Buffalo Trace virtual reality tour. talk about that.

One thought on “115 – More Bourbon Trivia with Freddie Johnson of Buffalo Trace

  1. Had to check this podcast episode out. I have been on tours with Freddie at least twice. He is one of the reasons I bring people to Buffalo Trace for the tour. We are from Minnesota and I recommend this tour for anyone who wants to learn more. And this is a great visit for the family.

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