112 – All You Need to Know About Private Barrel Picks at Buffalo Trace with Beau Beckman, Single Barrel Select Manager

Beau Beckman, Barrel Select Manager at Buffalo Trace, is now a 2nd time guest! We talk about how the program has matured, why you only get to taste 4 barrels rather than more, how the barrels are chosen for the program versus the regular blend, and how you can get your own.

Show Notes:

  • So what’s been happening since the last time we chatted back on episode 009?
  • You’ve managed to stay off the news radar it seems like except there was a good article Forbes put out recently and our good friend Bourbon Truth was talking about good private barrels and said you basically had to lick someone’s balls (especially Beau beckman) to get anywhere
  • So we just did a pick and you said you can have the barrel or we can send it off to Mexico
  • For anyone that doesn’t know and didn’t catch them up to speed on your family heritage that you bashfully don’t like to talk about
  • I was actually out here today doing a barrel selection of Buffalo Trace, talk me through the process of what I experienced today
  • The numbers have been dwindling at every place for barrel selections. Where it was once fruitful to try 12 or more barrels, sometimes it’s down to three. Is this just lack of mature whiskey?
  • Or is it lets dwindle down these remaining barrels for single selections and then we will pull out new ones
  • How often does it happen someone will pass on a barrel and then the next group or the group after says something ridiculous like “oh man, that’s the honey barrel!”
  • speaking of honey barrels, do you really believe there are such a thing and how often do those go to single select?
  • how are the barrels chosen for single select, randomly? by a group of tasters?
  • I’ve had some very off profile barrels too
  • Coming and doing a barrel pick for new whiskey geeks is like the ultimate experience. What do you attribute to the success of a single barrel program?
  • Any advice for those stores who are itching to get on the program or know of a shortcut?

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