009 – EH Talyor’s Legacy and Picking Single Barrels at Buffalo Trace with Beau Beckman, Barrel Select Manager

Beau Beckman, Barrel Select Manager at Buffalo Trace (and great great great great great grandson of Colonel EH Taylor), talks about his family legacy, the process of buying a barrel, and how technology is changing the future of the program with Single Barrel Select.

Show Notes:

  • Tell us a bit about your lineage and the dirty rundown of the Taylor’s
  • Where did the EH Taylor packaging and logo come from?
  • What led you to Buffalo Trace?
  • Talk about your role as a Barrel Program Manager
  • How many barrels are available for the program?
  • How do you choose who gets to pick a barrel?
  • What’s the process of going through the barrel selection?
  • What brands can you choose and the history of the barrel program?
  • Why does the barrel program exist? Why mess with the “chef’s recipe”?
  • Talk about “Honor Tradition, Embrace Change” with Single Barrel Select app to follow the barrel selection process online.
  • What your thought’s on the Old Taylor brand getting a re-birth?
  • If you have a Tornado you are willing to part with, Beau is in search of it!
  • What’s the best part about the job?

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