010 – Family Ties To Bourbon Greatness with Martha Carlin, Great Great Grandaugher George T. Stagg

Martha Carlin, Great Great Granddaughter of George T. Stagg, talks about her gaggle of Stagg bottles up for auction, her family history in the bourbon industry, and how much George T. Stagg really loved to fish.

Show Notes:

  • Pappy Spring Release in Louisville
  • Bourbon auction: A gaggle of Stagg on thebourbonbabe.com
  • What’s the auction currently priced at?
  • Did you grow up around bourbon or did you just recently discover it all?
  • Sour Mash smells like home
  • Do you still have any family in the bourbon industry?
  • Did you or your mom collect all of this research of family history?
  • What happened to all the money?
  • Any memories of George T. Stagg from your mother?
  • Paul Sawyier was supported by Frank Stagg
  • Lots of pictures in the show notes of the website
  • Can you talk about the picture with the lock of hair in the folded envelope?
  • What was George T. Stagg doing in Baltimore when he died? And how?
  • Ryan is going to take Martha out to dinner if she gets him her extra bottle of 2013!

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