091 – Making Whiskey Stills and Vendome Copper and Brass Works with Mike Sherman, Owner

Mike Sherman, Owner of Vendome Copper and Brass Works, joins the show to talk about the art and craftsmanship that go into making the stills and how they have established being the best and #1 still maker after a century of being in business.

Show Notes:

  • Before we get into talk about what it is that you do here, let’s get your thoughts on bourbon. Do you drink it? or just love it because it means good business right now?
  • For those listeners who have never heard of Vendome, give them an idea of what it is you all make here and why it’s important
  • What else do you make here besides copper stills?
  • Give us the history of Vendome and how you grew up in the business.
  • Give us a break down of trial and error. Because at this point you are carrying on legacy, but the generations before you probably had to go through retooling, or refactoring of certain things to make the stills as reliable as they are.
  • Terry Bone & Brent Melvin ask how customized are your products? do they start with a base design for the stills or is it entirely customized to the whiskey manufacturers desires?
  • Is there any innovation thats going on or is pretty much copy/paste?
  • Why is copper the element of choice when making a still?
  • What makes Vendome stills unique?
  • What’s the average time is takes to manufacture a still? I know that’s a loaded question but humor me.
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