086 – Old Grandad 114 Stays, Buffalo Trace Launches OFC, and Holding Grudges Against NDPs on Bourbon Community Roundtable #6

The Bourbon Community Roundtable #6 discusses Beam sales tactics with OGD114 news, Buffalo Trace OFC conspiracy theories, and is there a bias towards NDP/MGP when buying off the shelf.

Show Notes:

  • Blake from Bourbonr.com, Nick from BreakingBourbon.com and Kerry from Subourbia.com.
  • OGD 114 is here to stay. Another Beam ploy to drive shelf sales.
  • There’s been no shortage of getting your chance to buy raffle tickets for the Buffalo Trace OFC bottles. They carry a suggested price tag of $8-10k. Is there a hidden motive here by Buffalo Trace? A clever coup by BT to bring a bottle to market valued at $10k then release more OFC to the general market at $1k and call it a bargain?
  • NDP, MGP, and the bias. Do you hold a grudge against NDPs and refuse to buy? Or are you a believer that the flavor can come from aging and finishing rather than the distillate.
  • Bruce Schwalm: Question for the panel: If we geeks are the 1% of the drinkers, why aren’t we more focused on the art and less on the marketing?

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