075 – Best Bottles Per Dollar, Holiday Sharing, and Hunting Stories on Bourbon Community Roundtable #3

Bourbon Community Roundtable #3 – we discuss best bottles for the dollar, holiday sharing, hunting stories, and Kerry’s #pappyslap

Show Notes:

  • Max Gordian on Bourbonr Facebook: Just curious, how long do you usually let your bourbon breathe after you pour a glass?
  • What’s the -cheapest- bottle worth having?
  • The holidays are coming up with the family. We’ve all got family members who like bourbon but not on our level. Do you bring the goods or some of the regular stuff you want to deplete?
  • What’s your favorite $50. That cuts out things like OWA as well as pretty much any LTO
  • What’s the furthest you’ve traveled for a bottle and what did you get?
  • So this past week on Twitter, Kerry finally got Julian to drop a bomb.

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