053 – Cooking and Collaborating with Bourbon featuring Chef Edward Lee

Chef Edward Lee, 4-time James Beard nominee, TV Show host, owner of 610 Magnolia and Milkwood, dives into culinary arts and cooking with bourbon while sharing his philosophy on bourbon with dinner that led to the creation of Jefferson’s Chef Collaboration.

Show Notes:

  • You were a suggestion from one of our listeners, give us your background as a chef and what led to southern cuisine
  • The derby couldn’t have been your first bourbon experience, or was it?
  • What intrigues you about bourbon?
  • Can you remember your first dish using bourbon?
  • Tell people about your two restaurants and dishes you serve here in Louisville
  • Does bourbon have any inspiration on your menus from time to time?
  • Talk to us about your book Smoke and Pickles and cocktails
  • Do you have a bourbon of choice when your cooking?
  • Talk about the process of choosing a bourbon for Jefferson’s Chef Collaboration

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