048 – The Kentucky Bourbon Affair Returns in 2016 with Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson (@CamperJohnson), Director of the KY Bourbon Trail, comes back to gives us the scoop on the 2016 Bourbon Affair and a more about Senate Bill 11.

Show Notes:

  • Senate Bill 11 tourism reform bill
  • You’re our first 3-peat guest, what’s been happening in the past year?
  • We’ve said time and time again that the Bourbon Affair is like a fantasy camp for bourbon lovers. Give everyone a recap of what is the Kentucky Bourbon Affair.
  • I was fortunate enough to go to the Opening Event last year at the MegaCavern and it was phenomenal. I was able to rub shoulders with titans of the industry and met some stellar folks. My wife even got me to do the ropes course since i’m scared of heights. What is the opening event like this year?
  • Talk about some of the newer events happening this year?
  • There was also one with Heaven Hill’s Build-aBarrel. talk about that.
  • I see that half the events are already sold out. it seems like everyone wants the opportunity to do a single barrel selection.
  • Pick the top 3 events with tickets still available.
  • We talked about the Old Forester Speakeasy series with Andy Treinan a few weeks ago. That seems like another “can’t miss event”

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