038 – It’s Florida’s Whiskey Obsession Festival with Turner Moore

Turner Moore, President of Whiskey Obsession Festival, joins the show to talk about the festival and what to expect this year. It takes place 3/30/2016-4/1/2016 in Sarasota Florida.

Show Notes:

  • How did you get into bourbon or whiskey?
  • Is there a certain bottle you would favor towards when you first began?
  • Talk about your festival
  • What do a lot of attendees coming away with at the end of the day and why do they love coming to your event?
  • How does the panel session work?
  • Talk about the tasting session and how you move from light to bolder flavor whiskies.
  • What happens on the day of the main event?
  • Where can you buy tickets?
  • Talk about the cigar and whiskey pairing and what’s a good start for someone just beginning on that journey?
  • Are any local distilleries going to be there?

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