033 – Time to Meet the Maker’s Mark Master Distiller, Greg Davis

Greg Davis, Master Distiller at Maker’s Mark, talks about how is continuing the tradition that has been set and more about day to day operations.

Show Notes:

  • Today. we go on-site to Loretto to Maker’s Mark Distillery
  • Breaking News: Users claim there is a bad batch of 2015 Elmer T. Lee. Barrels 256, 264, 266 and 267 are the “defective” barrels but Buffalo Trace has already responded.
  • Tell us about your story
  • What was your background before coming to Maker’s Mark?
  • What are some of the key things you remember from your mentorship?
  • Can you talk about your wheated mash bill and how it came to be?
  • Talk about the difference between Makers and Makers 46
  • Why go with French Oak?
  • Are there other kinds of experimentation going on?
  • Talk about the motivation behind the Cask Strength offering
  • Talk about what you are doing different with your barrels compared to others
  • How do you pick the barrels that are going into the batch?
  • Do you sample every barrel?
  • Are you able to go to different warehouses and taste the difference?
  • How do you detect “must”?
  • Can you explain what still you have and why you prefer it?
  • What is the average bottle count that comes out of Makers?

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