022 – We are 21 Episodes in So Far, What Have We Learned?

Your hosts, Kenny and Ryan, take a look back on the past 21 episodes. We talk about the guests and what is still to come with the remaining part of the year.

Show Notes:

  • Have we had some guests that have stood out more than others?
  • Great history lesson with Brian Haara of Sipp’n Corn
  • Learned a great deal about pot still vs column still with Brent Goodin of Boundary Oak
  • Have you had any favorite bourbon releases this year?
  • Lots of distilleries are having unique and rare releases for big money
  • If you think you are going to visit Louisville for bourbon hunting, you’ve come to the wrong place
  • Did you ever open your EH Taylor Cured Oak?
  • Are people looking to get price for proof now?
  • Take a look back on the Orphan Barrel releases with Ewan Morgan
  • What other guests did you find interesting?
  • We also get to visit some interesting places such as mansions to record our podcasts
  • Jim Rutledge’s retirement made us thankful he recorded a show
  • An Easter Egg… you have to listen to find out!!

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