021 – A Start Up Distillery with a $28,000 Bottle with Brent Goodin, Master Distiller at Boundary Oak

Brent Goodin, Master Distiller at Boundary Oak Distillery, discusses his new startup distillery and how his first bottle of bourbon off the line sold for $28,000.

Show Notes:

  • What’s your bourbon story? Do you have an earliest moment with bourbon?
  • Are you picking up the family lineage of getting back into the bourbon industry?
  • What led you to becoming a Master Distiller? Any influencers along the way?
  • How long have you been practicing your trade?
  • Where does the name Boundary Oak come from?
  • Where is your location in relation to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?
  • I don’t get to use this word very often, but What’s it mean to be the first distiller in Hardin County after a “centennial plus some”?
  • There was an Insider Louisville article lately that talked about a record being broken for the most paid for a first bottle of bourbon. Talk about that
  • Most consumers think 2 year old bourbon is under-aged. Are you doing something different to age your bourbon to make it more appealing?
  • How big is your operation? and how many barrels can you age?
  • Are you thinking you are going to have multiple brands or mix them all together to have a consistent flavor?
  • What price point are you targeting?
  • As with most distillery startups, you already have a product for sale, Kentucky Amber, talk about it a bit
  • How can people get a hold of you and learn more about the distillery?

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