089 – Bernie Lubbers, Whiskey Ambassador for Heaven Hill, dives deep into Bottled in Bond

Bernie Lubbers, Whiskey Ambassador for Heaven Hill and also known as The Whiskey Professor, joins the show to talk about bottled-in-bond and what makes these bourbons “bricks of gold”.

  1. Talk about Bern’s Corner and how you arrange your bottles
  2. What has made you so fascinated with Bottled-in-Bond.
  3. Talk about the issue or necessity behind bottled-in-bond
  4. When people were diluting whiskey or using tobacco spit, were people still buying it?
  5. Why 100 proof and not 90 or 80?
  6. Is the bottled-in-bond act still a binding piece of legislation?
  7. So you can have bottled-in-bond of spirits other than bourbon?
  8. There is an interpretation for bottled-in-bond corn whiskey
  9. Why did Issac Wolfe Bernheim against the bottled-in-bond act?
  10. Talk about Colonel Taylor and his involvement
  11. Were there any palms that were greased to make this happen?
  12. After this bill passed, did it put brands out of business?
  13. What’s the importance of having bottled-in-bond today?
  14. What is the responsible for the resurgence of bottled-in-bond?

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